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How to Make Money by Just Leaving Your Computer Running

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

One of the best things about technology is that it has empowered many people to diversify their sources of income. There are millions of ways to earn extra money with just a computer, from working remotely to running online businesses.

Some people even make money by just turning their computers on and leaving them running.

Behold! Our list of companies that will pay you to use your computer's processing power:

So, How Does It Work?

Sometimes, companies require extra computing power for specific tasks, usually for big data analysis or research. The whole idea is that they pay you to use your laptop or desktop to complete these computing tasks. This practice is called "distributed computing."

In layman's language, distributed computing means renting your CPU for cash.

Distributed computing entails giving businesses remote access to your laptop, computer, or iPhone so that they can run their software on it.

Large companies such as Amazon also offer computing power on a bigger scale - a solid indicator that demand for this kind of service is rising. Even with big players like Amazon in the market, there is enough space for individuals like you to take advantage of this opportunity.

If you're interested in learning how to make money by leaving your computer running, here Is a list of programs that allow you to earn anywhere between $0.10 to $0.40 per hour.

We've listed the details of each program to help you decide which one works best for you.

Naturally, the more processing power your computer has, the more money you can earn. Gaming computers are ideal for this task, but if you're serious about earning money through distributed computing, consider investing in a real mining rig.

1. MinePrize

If you want to earn points and redeem them for something of value, the MinePrize platform is ideal. The platform uses your PC's power and rewards you in the form of points. The tasks performed here are typically mathematical calculations.

To meet the eligibility to earn points, you need to sign up for the services. The free registration requires your email address and a password. Once you sign up for membership, you can take on tasks and let your PC solve them while you're away.

The platform allows you to undertake as many tasks as possible. You can redeem your points for money or other items.

How to Maximize Earnings With MinePrize

Depending on your PC's power, each task might take anywhere from a couple of seconds to several minutes to complete. This means you have the chance to complete multiple tasks during the day. You just need a PC with a browser, and you can start making some cash.

MinePrize resembles sites like Swagbucks and similar point-based systems because it allows you to exchange your points for a reward.

Their reward options include phones, gaming systems, and TVs. You can change your points into USD and withdraw the money through PayPal as well.

Run the Program on Several Machines

The advantage of this program is that you can run it on several machines to earn points quicker. Keep in mind that the amount you make depends on the speed of the processor you own.

Generally, high-end computer hardware yields more work and payment.

You can test the application to determine the number of points you can gather with your current setup. You could also consider enhancing the intensity of computing tasks to maximize the gains from your computer.

Avoid Using too Many Browsers

Ensure you don't run the program on more browsers from the same computer because each tab or browser uses more computer resources, resulting in fewer points. Instead, use one browser with a single computing tab per PC and increase the work intensity.

Also, you'll want to avoid the temptation of running the program on your smartphone or tablet because intensive tasks could overheat your device and drain your battery quickly.

2. Kryptex

Did you know that distributed computer networks create cryptocurrency? You can establish a new source of income simply by renting out your computer for cryptocurrency creation or bitcoin mining.

But how do you do that?

The Kryptex desktop app makes it convenient and straightforward to mine cryptocurrency, even for people who are new to crypto mining. You simply need to download the app, which allows miners to access your machine's processing power at different times.

Once you've signed up, the platform will test your machine's performance and estimate your expected earnings. You can still use other browsers and apps while Kryptex runs in the background.

You can also link as many machines as you want and mine from various sources simultaneously.

How Much Will You Earn?

The income you earn for this kind of service will depend on your computer's processing power.

For example, a gaming processor such as the AMD Ryzen 7 3700x could earn you $95 monthly. You can get about $615 monthly with a dedicated mining rig featuring an Intel Celeron G3930 processor.

The good thing about Kryptex is that you start to make money as soon as you begin mining. This platform pays in US dollars or bitcoin.

There's also no hassle when it comes to withdrawing. You simply send funds directly to a bank card or withdraw in BTC if you need it converted to international currency.

The Kryptex Advantages

  • It selects the best algorithm for your machine, so there's no need to determine that yourself.

  • The app determines the best coins accessible to mine.

  • There's no need to find a digital wallet. Your coins remain in your account, available for withdrawal at any time.

  • The website has a lite mode that activates automatically and prevents computer slowdown. You can also turn the app off or pause it at any time.

3. Honeygain

The HoneyGain app earns you gaming rewards, passive income, and monthly subscriptions by allowing you to share your mobile phone's internet connection with trustworthy businesses.

You can download the app on your computer, iOS, or Android smartphone. The app doesn't track your market research or browsing behavior. Instead, it uses your internet connection to help perform relevant web searches for its clients and provide the necessary information.

For instance, travel booking sites require a crowdsourced internet consortium to scour the web for the best hotel and flight deals.

Honeygain claims to pay approximately $19 monthly upon sharing 5GB daily. You can determine the bandwidth you share and, subsequently, the income you earn.

How to Maximize Benefits with Honeygain

Proper App Setup

The setup process takes between 3 and 5 minutes on average. You must complete the required steps to begin making money.

You'll need to create an account by signing up on the official page; then, you can proceed directly to the Honeygain dashboard. From there, you'll be able to see the amount you've accumulated.

Your earnings will update automatically depending on the bandwidth you share. Once your account is ready, you can download the app. Ensure you download the right app for your device's operating system.

You can choose from Windows, Android, and Linux. Once you complete the installation, just log into your account through the app. You also need to make sure the app is running; otherwise, it won't generate income.

Leverage the Referral System

The referral system allows you to help your friends earn extra cash while generating some extra money for yourself.

If a user signs up through your link or includes your referral code during the signup process, you have an opportunity to claim credits and earn 10% of all new users' earnings. The more new users sign up with your link, the more payments you can expect.

Internet Speed

Various businesses use Honeygain's network to conduct market research and gather publicly accessible information. Since they have to collect vast amounts of data, internet speed is an essential factor.

Although you could still make money with a slower internet connection, you'll generate less income than those with faster speeds. If your internet is slow, do the following:

  • Reduce the number of devices linked to Honeygain. If you connect numerous devices to the network, you'll notice a decrease in speed. When it comes to increasing your earning potential, you're better off with fewer devices.

  • Position the device closer to the WiFi router

  • Ensure you don't have any operational limitations which could hinder the running of the Honeygain app.

4. LoadTeam

LoadTeam is one of the most popular apps in its niche and has users in 150 countries. What most users appreciate are its simple interface and easy-to-use features. With LoadTeam, you can use your personal computer for coin mining. The platform's Windows app makes it possible to earn cash by harvesting processing power.

You can run the app on as many PCs as you want. The amount you earn will depend on the frequency with which you run the software.

The software runs quietly in the background and doesn't disrupt any other activities on your computer. Once your computer completes a task, it sends the work product to LoadTeam for payment processing.

Besides earning from completed or performed tasks, you also stand to earn $0.20 when you sign up. Unlike other channels that require you to leave the computer on, LoadTeam gives you access from mobile devices too. The app also allows you to check your balance and execute other vital functions.

How It Works

Once you download the app on your computer, you simply need to leave it running. On installation, LoadTeam contacts the server to examine the tasks scheduled for completion.

When a task is complete, you'll find your account credited with your earnings, and the cycle starts again. This occurs automatically, so you don't need to do anything but keep track of your balance. You can cash out at your convenience.

With this app, you can cash out earnings when it reaches $1 or more through PayPal.

The amount you earn will depend on the amount of processing power you permit LoadTeam to use. The more power the app uses, the higher the number of tasks completed, which means increased earnings for you.

It's worth noting that this app is one of the few platforms that gives you the flexibility to determine how much power your PC uses.

Ways to Maximize Your Earnings with LoadTeam

Although selling processing power isn't incredibly lucrative, you can maximize its potential with these steps:

Multiple devices

Consider installing the app on as many devices as possible to maximize your earning potential.

Aggressive tuning

LoadTeam uses 20% of your computer's processing power when your computer is in use. This proportion increases to 40% when the computer has been idle for 10 minutes. If you're looking to amp up your earnings, evaluate how you can work from other devices while LoadTeam uses your computer.

Extend the duration during which devices remain idle

The longer you run the app, the more money you generate. However, you must weigh the cost of electricity to run the devices when they're idle against the earnings.

Referral Program

The app's referral program allows you to invite others and to earn 10% of their earnings. The best part is that the program permits an unlimited number of referrals.

5. MQL5

MQL5 is another platform that allows you to earn money by renting your PC. Your device becomes part of a network that provides trading robots with considerable computer processing power while optimizing the robots' performance. Increased computer power allows for a multi-threaded strategy with the benefit of running numerous tests in a couple of hours.

The platform allows individuals and brokerage companies to perform market data analysis and trades automatically. MQL5's network systematically links remote and local platform users and divides computing tasks among them. For improved load balancing and quick access, the platform requires all agents to register at the nearest MQL5 access point.

Since trading robots need considerable computing power to operate efficiently, companies adopt methods such as crowdsourcing PCs.

How to Get Started on MQL5

You can access the MQL5 cloud network resources directly from MetaTrader 5. To obtain network access and generate income, just download and install the MetaTrader5 Strategy Tester Agent.

Once you sign up, you'll get tasks to complete the installation. There's no bidding or peer-to-peer interaction as tasks are assigned automatically.

To operate the network, you need at least 768 MB of physical memory and 2 GB RAM.

How Much Can You Earn on MQL5?

When you get your PC hired by such companies, they'll link it with the MQL5 network. You'll then receive hourly payments through different payment methods. The downside, however, is the pay scale. They calculate payments per millisecond, and typically it turns out to be $0.04 hourly, which is roughly $0.29 monthly. But at the end of the day, something is always better than nothing.

Technical Requirements

  • An agent needs at least 768 MB of accessible physical memory to carry out calculations

  • An agent's productivity index shouldn't be less than 50

  • An agent cannot obtain new tasks from the network if the free disk space on the PC where the installed agent falls is under 500 MB.


Mycashware also lets you earn extra cash by just leaving your computer running.

To earn with this platform, you just have to install the software and run It on your PC. Doing so allows the platform to share your processing power with the mining system.

Subsequently, you'll earn some cash through your PC's participation in the mining process, which deals with the production of virtual currencies such as bitcoin. While the software runs in the background, you can still execute other functions on your PC seamlessly.

How to Maximize Earnings With My Cashware

Multiple Site Signups

When you get better at leaving feedback and working with testing sites, you significantly improve your chances of being approached. More attention equates to more testing opportunities for you.

Like any site, you won't always have access to tasks or surveys. User testing isn't any different. Therefore, you must consider signing up to as many sites as possible to maximize your earning potential.

While waiting for testing opportunities, you might want to sign up for as many paid surveys as possible. The goal is to take as many chances as you can at any time. This way, you also have the freedom to select the most lucrative options.

7. Golem Network

Golem Network is an open-source platform that connects users and democratizes access to digital resources. It also allows users to pay each other for sharing unused digital resources.

The Golem Network is vocal about democratizing cloud computing by bringing users' untapped processing power together into a shared economy, or what they call a 'decentralized peer-to-peer network.'

You can earn passive income using the Golem Network by leasing your computer's processor to them.

Through your computing power, you'll help software developers, programmers, university researchers, scientists, artists, and startups to do data-intensive research work. There's no limit concerning geographical location, affiliation, or background, making it a flexible and democratic platform.

How to Get Started With The Golem Network

Users who access the Golem Network to rent computational capacity are called 'requestors.' In contrast, users selling computing power are called 'providers.' Projects executed through Golem are required to follow these steps:

  1. The requestor submits a task on the Golem Network.

  2. The Golem network broadcasts the task with a demand, including the specification of required resources and acceptable commercial terms.

  3. The network's providers publish an offer for their computational resources on the Golem Network market.

  4. The Golem Network then matches demands with offers, and then the network connects the requesters with potential providers so they can negotiate the terms of their engagement.

  5. Once the two parties agree on the terms, the requester transfers input files to the provider node. The provider then Initiates the task.

  6. Once the task is complete, the provider transfers the output files to the requestor. Payment notes must be issued so that the provider can receive payment for services. The provider is paid with a Golem token.

Earning Golem Tokens

Golem Network Tokens are not mined. Hence, there is a finite number of Golem Network Tokens that you can own, and many experts expect their prices to rise over the years as demand increases. People can either hold on to their tokens and continue earning passive income through the network or eventually convert Golem Network Tokens into US dollars via Ethereum. Either way, it's a legitimate way to make extra money.

Final Thoughts

Letting software run on your computer allows you to earn money without lifting a finger. All you need to do is download a program to your computer, let it run in the background, and count your money. Renting your PC's processing power is an effortless way of earning passive income, and computers and laptops with more memory and high processors get better payouts.

Just make sure to compute your projected energy consumption rate against your potential earnings and account for all of your electrical costs, including the cost of running your computer and other ancillary equipment such as fans or air conditioning.

Another thing to consider is your internet connection. If you have a flaky or unstable connection, it might hinder your computer's efficiency and require you to keep your processor running longer than it should.

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