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20 Weekend Jobs that pay well (...and will grow your skills)

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

If you're seeking part-time employment or extra cash, you might want to consider a weekend job.

Weekend jobs are gaining popularity because they generate extra cash quickly and you don’t have to worry about weekday commitment. The extra income can go a long way toward helping you manage your living expenses, pay off debts. You might even end up with some extra money to spend on your own personal interests.

If you concentrate on high-paying opportunities, you can earn good money in a relatively short amount of time.

This article explores the world of weekend employment, underscores the associated benefits of part-time employment, and examines how to choose the best weekend job.

Our List

What is a Weekend Job?

A weekend job is pretty much what it says on the tin - it’s a job position undertaken part-time with work hours falling only on weekends.

These jobs can be ideal for a huge variety of people and situations. If you’re a full-time employee or a full-time student who requires extra revenue, you’ll find weekend jobs worthwhile.

Regardless of your reasons for seeking a weekend job, there’s never been a better time to enter the market.

You’ll discover that work-from-home opportunities and the gig economy have supplemented traditional job roles in the past, i.e. retail and hospitality. Consequently, many find employment on a freelance or temporary basis nowadays, with several online resources making the hunt much easier than before - although certain challenges still exist.

The most obvious hurdle you’re likely to encounter is fierce competition, particularly for higher-paying jobs. After all, who wouldn’t want to generate more money in their spare time? Does this mean you shouldn’t pursue a weekend job? Not at all.

You simply have to manage your employment search properly. You want to focus on roles that match your skills and schedule. That way, you stand a great chance of securing the position.

Types of Weekend Jobs


A full-time weekend job permits you to work full shifts from Saturday to Sunday over the weekend. You could work as a waiter, massage therapist, cook, or anything in between. These jobs are a great option if you require a job with a flexible schedule and have other duties throughout the week - you may be able to take advantage of higher weekend pay and may enjoy better job security with a full-time contract.


These jobs comprise positions that extend from the weekday into the weekend because of a company’s business hours, for instance, security guards or customer service representatives. Other jobs might have weekday hours but mostly take place over the weekends, for instance, wedding coordinators.

Restaurants are frequently busier over the weekends, so they might schedule extra personnel to cover dinner and lunch shifts. If you’re seeking part-time weekend jobs, they’re only available Sundays and Saturdays. For some employers, however, Friday counts as a weekend and might schedule part-timers late at night or early in the morning based on the need.

12 Best Weekend Jobs

1. Tutor

Whether you’re studying in a particular field or are already a professional, there’s always extra income to be found in finding young students who are seeking the benefit of your knowledge and experience.

This side hustle works immensely well for college students with good scores and a knack for teaching - they can even ask professors for advice on who to reach out to if there’s a set of students who need some guidance through their course material.

Alternatively, you can teach simpler subjects to schoolchildren. This can be quite scalable as parents are likely to spread your contact details through word-of-mouth, provided that they see results and appreciate your services.

Consider creating a listing on to make it easy for perspective clients to find you.

2. Call Center Representative

Although this job is well suited for anyone with good communication skills who isn't afraid to engage customers, companies mostly lookout for bilingual candidates or those with sales experience. With more businesses going digital each day, demand for call-center reps continues to rise - so it won’t be hard to find weekend gigs where you help companies connect with their customers.

Some of the assigned duties involved in this role include selling products, managing outgoing/incoming calls, and inputting customer information for company operations and research.

3. Food Delivery Executive

The demand for food delivery frequently peaks between Friday and Sunday evenings. This makes it a great way to generate some side income over the weekends while having complete control over your active hours. These types of gigs are a hit among younger professionals and students - who can work during the day and keep their evenings free for weekend plans.

Based on your residential area, you might need to own a car, scooter, or bicycle. This means that you may need a license and a vehicle before taking up a delivery gig.

Consider working for delivery services like DoorDash or InstaCart.

4. Carpool Driver

Securing a job as a driver for logistics companies is an excellent option for weekend workers with a driving license. Through apps such as Taxify and Uber, you can easily sign up to drive on weekends - taking advantage of custom hours and car rental schemes, although most apps do have an age requirement.

Some of the responsibilities include dropping off and picking up customers; reporting concerns to the ridesharing app; and sustaining a clean and hospitable setting for customers.

5. Graphic Designer

This job is among the highest-paying for weekends - although it will require a certain prerequisite level of skill and a decent portfolio of work.

While it's possible to work for a certain agency or company, you'll be your boss most of the time, allowing you to take side gigs you find on job boards. If you have the technical proficiency to convert ideas into designs, this weekend job is ideal for you.

If you're interested in pursuing a graphic designer job, consider the "Social Media Graphic Design for Beginners" course by Udemy.

6. Photographer

While many of us already indulge in photography as a hobby, you can quite easily turn your passion into a reliable side income on the weekends.

Starting out, you should reach out to photographers nearby to determine whether they require an assistant. This will allow you to learn how to get clients, technical know-how and also allow you to dabble with pro equipment without having to pay for it.

Once you obtain a decent amount of experience, consider setting up your own photography business - taking weekends out to capture events and other occasions.

You can even rent out your equipment on when you're not using it.

7. Baker

Baking is an old-school hobby that can be turned into a superb weekend business. If you enjoy baking cakes, you can take weekend orders. You can simply begin by taking orders from relatives, family, and friends. Once the word goes out, you'll soon have more orders and clients.

Another means of boosting your business is through a social media platform, for instance, Facebook and Instagram. This will allow you to engage with potential customers, take orders, and share your creations online.

8. Babysitter

Babysitting is a common weekend gig for earning extra income. Anyone with sufficient time to spare can accomplish this task. Most working couples are busy over the weekend or have a lot to do. You can exploit their weekend plans, official dinners, etc. to generate a quick buck on weekends with minimal effort and training required.

Starting off is quite easy - you can simply spread the word amongst family, friends and neighbors that you’re open to the job.

Consider creating a listing on to make it easy for perspective clients to find you.

Do keep in mind that most parents will prefer women rather than men when it comes to weekend babysitting services.

9. Language Teacher

Whether it’s teaching conversational English online or a mother tongue to others in your community who are seeking to learn, teaching the basics of language can be a great way to improve your tutelage skills and generate weekend income. You’ll find that several people looking to learn a language for business and personal reasons will have jobs on weekdays - which suits us well if we’re looking to host teaching sessions on weekends.

This weekend job is one of the best and pays quite well once you develop a reputation for skilled teaching.

For more information, check out: "How to Earn Money Teaching English Online."

10. Personal Trainer

Most busy professionals spend all their time and energy on work during weekdays - so if keeping fit is a priority, they tend to want dedicated weekend time to pursuing their workout/sports interests. This is where the requirement for a weekend personal trainer steps in.

While you may require varying levels of accreditations to work in a gym, you’ll find that by using social media and other avenues to spread fitness awareness and share your own fitness acumen will result in others wanting to hire you to give them 1:1 sessions.

Depending on your level of skill and expertise, you can coach others in basic weightlifting, calisthenics, specific sports, or even alternate disciplines such as dance and yoga.

For information on how to get certified as a fitness trainer, check out

11. Real Estate Broker or Agent

Real estate is a Monday-Friday job for numerous people. However, numerous clients looking for apartment rentals or to buy property aren't free throughout the typical 9-5.

That's where you come in. As a weekend real estate agent, you'll do showings and open houses specifically on weekends. If you’ve got a knack for sales, this can be quite profitable, as you will typically earn a commission on each sale made.

12. Handyman

If you're good with home repairs, you can benefit from this weekend job. You'll discover that numerous people don't like getting their hands dirty in completing home repairs because they lack the time, skill, or physical ability to do so.

If you can perform tasks such as minor carpentry, light plumbing, painting, or repairing walls, this weekend job might be ideal - and can pay reasonably well depending on your location.

On average, handymen earn around $50 hourly based on the job's nature. The best means of building references in this role is by taking up repair tasks for relatives, neighbors, and friends - if you do well and provide good service, your reputation as a handyman will spread over time.

Consider marketing your services on platforms like

13. Mover

In most instances, people relocate from one place to the next over the weekend, in an effort to keep their weekday schedules intact. Therefore, moving help tends to be in high demand these days.

All you may need to get started is to be in decent enough shape to help your client get their stuff in order. You can also scale this and charge them more if you possess vans, trucks, or other means of transporting large goods around.

Weekend Jobs from Home

While most of the above jobs require a physical presence outside of the home, some of us would prefer to stay indoors and carry out a weekend gig from the comfort of our own desks.

Here are a few great options to get you started:

14. Data Entry Operator

Along with online businesses, one field that’s exploded in recent years is data analysis and management. Several companies need to sort out through massive oceans of data to better optimize their business - that where data entry work comes in.

Most of your work will be predictable and desk-based - organizing and sorting data by category, verifying data, and updating existing data.

Look for jobs on platforms like Fiverr.

15. Web Developer

Another great skill to use, especially if you’ve got coding experience, is web development. Thousands of companies are in the process of digitizing their businesses, and the very first thing they’ll need is a robust website to reach their customers.

Web development can be done with just a computer and time chalked out on weekends - and can scale into very profitable territory if you stay focused and build a powerful portfolio to approach companies with.

Anyone interested in working as a web developer would be well-advised to advertise their services on platforms like Fiverr as well.

16. Online Surveys and Focus Group

If you're exhausted from your primary job, but want to improve your financial position, focus groups and online surveys are ideal weekend jobs that come with minimal stress and skill levels.

Numerous companies pay for your viewpoints, including Swagbucks and Survey Junkie - give them a spin and you’ll find that they can easily slot into your weekend hours.

Don't forget to check out our full list of paid survey sites.

17. Blogger

You can begin a blog as a side hustle and based on the amount you wish to earn, this weekend job could favor you. The best part about blogging is that it's location-independent and entirely digital, so you can do it from anywhere.

The initial basic prerequisite to begin a blog is being zealous about your niche - well-written, passionate pieces bring in bigger audience numbers, which brings in better ad revenue.

For more information on how to make money with a blog, check out: "How to Make Money Blogging."

18. Proofreader

If you enjoy finding mistakes or sorting through data, proofreading could be a great weekend gig. You can examine proofreading and editing companies such as CACTUS or take comprehensive courses - either way, proofreading is a superb way for people with good language skills to quickly and easily generate weekend income.

You can also find proofreading jobs on

19. Online Moderator

These jobs are very easy to complete and you can apply to various companies and begin moderating forums, chats, and social media. Most of these openings are flexible with timings - so you can request weekends if necessary.

You'll discover that most companies don't need much expertise, but you need a pleasant demeanor and must be reasonably knowledgeable on social media.

20. Virtual Assistant

As more online businesses emerge, they require people to accomplish minor administrative tasks like email management, customer service work, and appointment setting. As a virtual assistant, you can provide numerous services such as scheduling appointments, forwarding and answering emails, and even specialized skills such as graphic design and speechwriting.

This is a better role to choose if you’re looking for a more stable option, with potential for career growth as you can expect raises over time while working on important office skills.

For more information on how to become a virtual assistant, check out "How to Make Money as a Virtual Assistant" on Amazon.

Benefits of Weekend Jobs

Supplement Income

The major reason why people consider weekend jobs is to enhance their cash flow. If you have the bandwidth for working on weekends, you can earn some additional income while increasing your annual revenue - without changing companies or obtaining a promotion from your main employer.

More Responsibility

Besides the competitive edge that you can obtain from weekend shifts, they can equally offer more opportunities for skill-building and creative freedom. Generally, weekend employees have more responsibility, prompting them to learn extra skills - with less direct supervision than most full-time employees.

Consequently, successful weekend employees become valued assets, which can be advantageous at their existing workplace or in the employment market.

More Time with Family

Weekend working is ideal for family-oriented people, particularly those who value the chance to pick their kids from school. Moreover, weekend workers might save on daycare costs, which might surpass the additional money earned working full-time.

Although a certain level of income is essential to provide for a family, those earning just enough to cover essential living costs while foregoing luxury things, might find weekend work to be an acceptable trade-off.

Decreased Stress Levels and Enhanced Health

Experts assert that full-time employees usually feel worn out because of inadequate time required to enjoy the outdoors, exercise, and largely commit to a healthy lifestyle. Conversely, weekend workers can afford more time to exercise frequently and enjoy enhanced sleep.

Weekend employment further permits more efficient daily task management such as doing the laundry and grocery shopping, ultimately leading to more order in the home.

Testing the Waters

If you’re keen on exploring a new industry or vocation, part-time weekend opportunities afford the chance to accomplish something new. However, it might be necessary to first invest in training and education to compete for the job you seek.

On the other hand, if you possess the necessary skills to take up a weekend job, it can help to spend some time outside the typical 9-5 hours to establish how determined you are about making the change, leaving you more informed and with a few insider contacts as well.

Less Competition

Besides offering a chance to stand out, weekends are useful from a competitive viewpoint, particularly in industries such as media.

While weekend jobs are frequently generalist positions, they afford access to a huge range of opportunities in various areas. You’ll find fewer people working throughout weekends, generating space for weekend workers to make an imprint on clients and customers.

You Can Enjoy Weekdays

It’s possible to accomplish errands if you have free time during weekdays. For instance, you’ll have fewer crowds to deal with, increasing efficiency in accomplishing errands. Furthermore, you can fulfill appointments throughout ordinary business hours without the need to take time off.

You Can Practice a Skill You Find Enjoyable

As ideal as it would be to do what you enjoy and earn money from it, this isn’t the reality for most people. Many people are in their current position to pay bills, so a weekend job can be a great opportunity to do what you’re passionate about - whether it’s writing, training or visual arts.

Opening Doors to New Employment Opportunities

When full-time positions are unavailable within a company, you might accept a weekend job to position yourself as the apparent candidate when a sought-after full-time position becomes available.

A weekend position can also help you gain training and experience in unfamiliar fields. After all, an employer who might be hesitant to employ an inexperienced person in a full-time position might be inclined to hire an enthusiastic candidate on a weekend basis if he or she expresses a keen desire to learn.

Not only will they have much more knowledge about your professional demeanor, but they’ll also have the opportunity to measure your progress over time within the organization.

It Can Be a Chance to Stand out Professionally

In journalism, for instance, weekend shifts or other positions frequently deemed as part of paying one’s dues are inherently considered less desirable. However, in this case, weekend jobs can boost you professionally.

Weekend workers accomplish work that mainstream society would rather not do. Therefore, weekend teams are usually smaller than weekday ones. Besides having fewer resources with which to work, it also implies that the work you accomplish will be high visibility.

If you accomplish your roles well, people will be more likely to recognize your work and appreciate that you’re working while they relax.

Enjoy More Security and Freedom

By taking a weekend job, you’re simply exerting your freedom to spend your time differently from the typical daily grind. Working for different employers allows for more employment security.

In case layoffs take place at your main place of work or suddenly recognize that it’s a poor fit, you’ll still have a source of revenue.

Extra Time to Pursue Other Activities and Projects

Arguably, the biggest benefit of working over the weekend is the increased time for pursuing extracurricular activities. If you lack the requisite credentials for your dream job, a weekend position might function as a stepping-stone that affords you the flexibility to acquire the needed certification to discover roles in your desired profession.

Others might use weekend roles to climb the ladder within a current field. For instance, if you’re a graduate in social work, you can obtain weekend work to help you secure a more lucrative position.

You’ll also find weekend jobs appealing if you’re nurturing special projects, for instance, writing and artistic endeavors. You’ll notice that such pursuits provide considerable personal fulfillment, even if they don’t yield huge paychecks.

How to Choose the Best Weekend Job

You must consider various factors when seeking weekend jobs. They include:


Your dependability as an employee will be dependent on a job you can access easily. Your job's location has a considerable effect on how satisfying and enjoyable your job will be. Therefore, you must prioritize your search endeavors to concentrate on the locations that will bring you joy.

When considering the viability of an unfamiliar location, you must conduct proper research. Some factors worth considering when learning about a foreign location include the weather; distance; commute; and local activities. You just need to determine whether the location prerequisites align with your interests.

It's equally important that you weigh the comparative appeal of the areas you're considering. Therefore, research all cities and prioritize them. The stricter you can be regarding your preferences in all dimensions of your employment search, the smoother the search will be.

Job Search

Job-hunting is a feat nearly every professional dreads. The uncertainty can be stressful and the competition is overwhelming. Whether you're still a full-time employee or juggling numerous small gigs until you land the next gig, delegating time to run your job search properly is part of the issue. Here are some strategies for searching for a weekend job.

Recognize your direction

Recognizing the direction you want your career to take is more significant than recognizing a precise job title for application. Narrowing your field by relevancy is a major constituent of curtailing the manual process of job searching and increasing your likelihood of finding a good fit.

Don't look at Common Forums

You want to capitalize on search tools that distinguish openings by industry. For instance, is exclusive for start-up roles while is for nonprofits. If you wish to leverage your network, integrate LinkedIn into the process. You'll discover the platform at times reveals who posted the position, giving you access to the person responsible for the posting.

Make Your Resume Count

Assuming you've revised your resume and prepped it for an employment search, you can concentrate on including the appropriate experience and keywords. For instance, if a role emphasizes leadership and training, ensure the resume blatantly reveals your experience in those particular areas. Ensure you don't send a similar version of your resume to every open position; this isn't a good strategy.


Career interest is an important factor while seeking a weekend job. Experts assert that aligning your work setting with your interests won’t merely enhance job satisfaction. It will equally improve the potential for attaining career success.

Experts further claim that congruence between work environment and interests influences some significant workplace outcomes, for instance, turnover and job performance.

When an alignment exists between a career and your interest, you might be more motivated to commit effort into developing pertinent skills and knowledge, set superior career-related goals, and take measures to attain those goals. These can help you enhance your work performance and improve your career potential. Here's why interest matters:

Use your best strengths

Career interests should be in close alignment with your strengths. You want to choose a profession that utilizes your best skills, so you can avoid a circumstance where hard work merely results in frustration. What you're expected to do isn't always what you're best at, even if you succeed eventually. You'll often find that people recognize what they're good at but never use the chance to apply the skills.


Having the relevant qualifications required to perform some weekend jobs is important. Ensure you pursue opportunities that match your qualifications and skills. On the other hand, you might find that you’re underqualified for the job you’re interested in.

In this case, it’s still okay to apply. It might surprise you to learn that employers, for the most part, seek potential instead of an exact match. Just note that a distinction exists between being unqualified and underqualified.

You need to gauge the extent to which you match the position. If you find you’re too far off, you might want to consider applying for a different job. Conversely, if you’re almost meeting the prerequisites, proceed and apply.

If you feel you’re certain that you can overcome the learning curve and obtain whatever skills are required to meet the position’s requirements, you should feel comfortable applying for the position. On the same note, if you believe you have what the company needs and can add value to the position, you should apply for the position.

If you recognize that you don’t meet the credentials, you must articulate what you’ll bring to the table. Remember, you’ll never know whether you’ll secure the job unless you try. In case you obtain a rejection email, proceed to the next and take the chance.

Working Hours

Not every job is equal when it comes to working hours. Before you commit to a job, you must reach an understanding with your prospective employer concerning the expectations for working hours. Beyond whether you should start at 9:00 or 10:00, try to get a clue of how much after-hours work is deemed normal.

You should also note how the change would affect your life. The ensuing strain from such demanding working schedules is nerve-wracking. These days, you find that working professionals are often struggling with poor health, their personal life, and constant stress.

You must ensure that the prospective employer offers flexible hours, and will permit you to decide on your work hours and location.

While weekend jobs offer a range of benefits and conveniences, finding the right one can prove challenging. Thankfully, this informative guide offers insight into what it entails while highlighting those that are worth considering.


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