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10 Great Jobs for Stay-at-Home Moms

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

Stay-at-Home Moms know that raising children is a full-time job- and if you work in addition to caring for your children, you probably don’t have a lot of time left for anything else. But if you’re looking to bring in more money or do something you enjoy, a side hustle can still be an option for you if you choose the right one.

Some side hustles are uniquely suited to the lifestyle of a working mom, offering flexibility, the ability to decide how much or little you work, and how much income you bring in. You may also have specific skills that can make certain options more appealing.

Here's our list of ideal side hustles and jobs for stay-at-home Moms.

Choosing a Side Hustle

When deciding on the right side hustle for you, it’s essential to consider a range of factors and what is best for your family. Some things to consider:

  • The time commitment. Are there set hours? Or can work at any time.

  • The amount of money you want to make.

Be sure to consider:

  • Any start-up costs like materials, marketing, setup fees, etc.

  • Fees paid out to platforms that you may use

  • Taxes you’ll need to pay

  • Business costs, like licensing fees or additional insurance

  • The opportunity cost associated with your time

  • Costs to maintain a business, like shipping fees

  • Childcare expenses (if necessary)

  • Your current skillset

  • The demand for your product or service

  • Your existing network and how you could leverage it

It’s also essential to think about why you are pursuing a side hustle. For many people, that answer is extra income, especially if you have children to support.

Providing for your family is a great reason to find a side hustle, but not the only one. Working mothers can sometimes benefit from a hobby or project that is all their own, and a side hustle can be an excellent way to carve out this time in a productive way.

Regardless of your situation, there is always a side hustle that fits your lifestyle. Below are ten of our favorite options.

1. Sell Digital Products

Have you ever used a template to create a document, image, or web page? Individuals usually make these digital products on their own time and then sell them to companies like Canva or Wix.

One of the great things about digital products is that they create a passive income, meaning once you’ve completed the development and posted the product online; you make money without having to do any additional work.

Digital products create passive income with very little upfront investment, which allows you to start profiting reasonably quickly. The only upfront costs are any fees you pay for online tools that help you create products and any business fees you may incur like licensing or registration.

Another benefit of digital products is they never sell out.

If you look online, there are probably thousands of types of digital products available across the internet. Some markets are more saturated than others, but there are still plenty of opportunities for new ideas. Some examples of digital products include:

  • Digital music: If you’re a musician, you can sell original music downloads. This model also works well for guided meditation tracks, ASMR recordings, and other types of audio.

  • eBooks: If you enjoy writing, consider writing a novel or a "How-To" book

  • Stock Photos: Whether you are a professional photographer or just like to take high-quality pictures with your smartphone, there is a large market for stock photos. Bloggers, vloggers, and social media professionals rely on these pictures for their own content. Companies like ShutterStock are always in the market for new images.

  • Templates: This is a pretty broad category and can include everything from resume templates to templates for social media posts. Anything that someone may struggle to create on their own makes a good template.

  • Printable artwork: If you’re an artist who already has a following, consider creating digital files of your artwork that printing companies reproduce on-demand as customers place orders.

  • Fonts: If you’re artistically inclined, you can create and sell typefaces.

Because of the low investment cost and effort, you may start by creating one or two small digital products and decide if you want to continue based on how it goes for you.

For more information, check out: How to Make Money Flipping Digital Products

2. Rent Out Household Items

Most of us have a few items at home that are expensive, high quality, and rarely get used. Things like a carpet steamer, baby gear that is not being used but may be in the future, or power tools are all things many of us have in the home that often do nothing but collect dust.

While some things may be best to sell entirely, if you want to keep the item but still make money, it can be lucrative to rent these things out. connects people with storage needs to people in their neighborhood with extra storage space.

If you have extra room in your attic, basement, or garage; you can rent it out and earn extra money. You can even rent parking spaces!

One major thing to consider with this option is that it usually requires some kind of insurance for commercial use of your property. If your items aren’t returned, this isn’t covered under homeowner’s insurance because you gave it to the person, making it technically not stolen under a “voluntary parting” clause.

You’ll want to reach out to your insurance agent and ask what kind of additional coverage you can get that covers you in this case. It will usually fall under commercial use of property, which can have other implications. The same should be done with auto insurance if your car is involved.

Aside from this, you can rent items out at no cost using a service like Craigslist. Other platforms coordinate these rentals in specific categories, like BabyQuip for baby items or Zilok for tools.

These options will give you more marketing, but they may take a small fee. Some of these platforms offer insurance but not all, so be sure to check.

In addition to appliances, you can consider transportation like cars or bicycles, jewelry, or even furniture as items potentially useful for something like this.

Even with good insurance, you should never rent out anything you couldn’t stand to lose, like family heirlooms or other items with sentimental value.

3. Rent Your House to Photographers

Photographers are always looking for new or interesting places to set a shoot. In particular, lifestyle photographers who focus on homes or candid shoots may need to have access to a variety of locations with different styles.

Because these shoots are usually only occasional and for single chunks of time, volunteering your home while you’re out can bring in extra cash for doing next to nothing.

The only thing that really is an upfront investment will be keeping your home tidy and up to the standards of the shoot, and making sure the timing works so you are not in the home at the time.

These platforms allow homeowners to connect with film crews:

If you do have photoshoots in your house, you may want to be sure you remove valuable or sentimental items as a precaution.

It’s also recommended you have at least a simple contract in place that includes who is liable for any damage to your property or injuries to the renters.

Because you are renting the home out, homeowner’s insurance may not cover certain events it otherwise would, so it’s important to make sure you are covered. Don’t be afraid to set out specific rules and boundaries ahead of time.

Platforms do exist to connect you with photographers, though some local marketing can also be done.

If you can get an initial shoot scheduled, you can also build into your contract that you are able to use the pictures in your own listings.

Though it’s a bigger commitment, another option is to offer your house as a filming location. Most movies and TV shows have an entire person on the crew known as a location scout whose entire job is to find local places that meet the description of a set they need for their project.

This could be the exterior or interior of your home. Sometimes they will even pay for certain renovations they require as a part of your package.

Though you may have to leave your home for a period of time, high-demand areas can bring in a good amount of money if you find the right scout.

For both film and photoshoots, any unique or striking aspect of your home is a big pull. Something like an infinity pool, a highly themed or antique home, or an unusual color exterior could make your house stand out enough to be in high demand.

In some cases, you may receive an offer to buy your property, rather than use it temporarily. At this point, you have a larger financial decision to make than a side hustle, but be aware of the possibility.

Do all of your due diligence and know that if this is the case, your space is probably extremely important to them and this can be used to your benefit.

4. Start an Online Store

If there is something you like to create or have access to easily create, starting an online store is easier than ever.

While it’s always an option to create your own website, complete with functioning e-commerce, there are a number of platforms that do all the work for you.

Then you can just post your items, manage sales, and make an extra income. Etsy is an option for handmade crafts or digital products, and Shopify is an increasingly popular option as well.

With this option, the possibilities for what to sell are endless. Some people go into it with a skill or hobby that they can use, but others aren’t sure where to start.

The good news is you don’t have to be an artist to do this. 3D printed jewelry and other goods are extremely trendy right now, or you can learn a skill like embossing designs onto items to have a fast item to sell.

Some markets can be saturated, so there should be at least one unique element about your offering, but it doesn’t have to be completely out there.

Unlike digital products, selling physical items requires a bit more logistical work, like trips to the post office and ongoing creation, but it can also be extremely rewarding.

The profit margin on physical items may also be higher compared to passive income options, so it’s about balancing your schedule when deciding what to sell.

Whether you use an existing platform or your own website, launching an online store should always be thought of as starting your own small business. Be sure to keep meticulous track of your expenses, revenues, and profits so that you can be cost-effective, with a focus on your margins.

Tightly control your quality, even if it means offering only a very limited quantity of products so that your reviews and reputation remain positive and you can get more customers in the future.

5. Transcription

One very popular remote job is transcription, in which you listen to audio recordings or watch videos and write out text representing the content.

Anything that isn’t medical or legal can be done by the general public, and there are a large number of platforms available to connect people who need transcriptions with those willing to do this work. Podcasts, lectures, interviews, classes, and webinars are all popular material.

Starting transcription work only requires a computer and a good set of speakers or headphones to get started. While some jobs will be simple and fast, others may require more time or attention.

Many files will include speakers with thick accents or poor audio quality, requiring you to listen multiple times before you can complete your transcription.

Almost any job will begin with a test file that is used to measure your speed and accuracy, so there can be a learning curve and required skills.

Many jobs start out with low pay and as you gain experience, quickly increase your earning potential. One nice thing is that these tasks can be done at any time of day, all at once or in chunks, as long as you meet your deadlines and demonstrate speed and accuracy.

If you want to go all in on transcription, there are courses you can take to teach you practical skills and general concepts in transcription. Something like this can help you get higher-paying jobs faster.

To prove yourself, be sure you can dedicate quiet time to your transcription work and that you go in with at least intermediate typing skills. Customers will be looking for accuracy just as much as they are speed.

6. Teach English Online

Around the world, the ability to speak English is an extremely sought-after skill, and there are whole markets around learning this skill.

While many people travel abroad to teach English in other countries, it’s becoming more popular for this learning to happen online.

With a huge need, there are various ways that someone can teach English online, all with fairly little experience. Many places do require a degree, but not teaching experience or certifications.

Common requirements include being a native English speaker, possessing all the necessary equipment and connections, and having good presentation skills. Some countries have stricter requirements, but this is not usually a barrier.

However, the best-paying platforms all require a TEFL certification, at minimum.

Check out platforms like the i-to-i Online TEFL Course and the International TEFL Academy; if you’re interested in pursuing a TEFL course from home.

One of the things that make teaching English online a great side hustle is the hours. Not only are they usually flexible and something you can set for yourself because you’re working with other countries, but they are also usually outside of general U.S. working hours.

You can log on after the kids are in bed, or even on the weekend, to teach your classes.

There is a range of companies who specialize in this service and make it extremely easy to get started. You’re provided with curriculums, students, and guidelines that you follow, then you basically show up for class.

This is a great plug-and-play solution, though the compensation per lesson will be lower to reflect the work the platform is doing on your behalf.

If you want less of a commitment than ongoing classes, other websites and applications exist to have informal conversations or chats to help students learn English.

If you’re very committed to teaching English as a side hustle, you can also take the freelance route and find your own students.

Here you would be able to create your own curriculum, set your own rates, and own your business entirely. Most people still use something like Skype or Zoom to conduct their sessions, though you can create an entirely independent platform as well.

You will also need essential equipment such as:

Going this route usually requires at least some ability to speak the native language of your students and their parents as well as a bigger time and money investment, but it can be extremely rewarding for those who enjoy teaching.

For more information, check out: How to Earn Money Teaching English Online

7. Rideshare or Delivery Driver

If you have a car, there are a number of options available for side hustles due to the rise in certain apps.

The first option is to be a rideshare driver, using your own vehicle to pick up and drop off people who request transport via an app like Uber or Lyft.

While driving itself is a commitment, many people love this as a side hustle because of the total control you have over your schedule.

You can choose to pick up one person on your way home from work, or you can set aside large blocks of time to do back-to-back rides. You can even drive for multiple apps, choosing the one with the best available options at any given time.

Similar is the option to be an app-based delivery driver. Rather than being tied to one restaurant for a long shift, you can sign up for Instacart or DoorDash, bringing food and even groceries to people’s homes.

Like driving for a rideshare, you can decide whether you take a few random jobs or work many deliveries at one time.

While the pay for these jobs can be competitive, keep in mind that it’s your own vehicle you are using and racking up miles on.

Drivers also cannot have their children with them, so you’d need to work either during their school day or when you have childcare available.

If this works with your schedule, it can be a great option in most regions. Because the amount you make here is directly related to the demand, it may not be the best option for small or rural areas.

8. Tutor

Tutoring can mean a lot of things, from online support to running local study groups in your area.

While you’ll want to pick a topic you have a good understanding in, tutoring is different than teaching and doesn’t require you to be an expert or to have a teaching degree. It can be beneficial to choose a specific area to tutor in, as it helps you brush up on your skills and makes you appear more knowledgeable.

You can advertise your services on platforms like or Varsity Tutors.

You can tutor in anything from basic math to SAT prep, English as a second language, art, or even more general study skills tutoring.

You can also tailor your offerings to various age ranges depending on what age you prefer working with. If you tutor in groups, it can help you bring in more money in shorter periods of time, though often parents prefer a private tutor, especially for things like standardized test preparation.

Tutoring is particularly suited to working mothers as you likely have connections in your target markets already through your child’s friends and their parents.

This has the additional benefit of being a job your children can usually be present for or even participate in.

Like teaching English, there are a number of platforms that connect tutors to students and parents, facilitating connections and eliminating elements like marketing for you if you don’t have a built-in network.

These platforms also come with a portion of the fee that you will pay. If you choose to stay off these platforms, you may have to do some more work upfront like creating a website, a pricing structure, and finding clients.

Another thing to keep in mind is that tutoring does not have to be strictly related to academic pursuits. Many people need additional help with learning an instrument, playing a sport, or other extracurricular activities.

Anything that you can help a student learn is a good candidate for tutoring.

While many things are better taught in person, a benefit of tutoring is that it can also be done online, giving you access to larger markets and allowing your students to connect virtually.

9. Surveys and Studies

If you need a side hustle that isn’t a huge commitment, online surveys can be extremely popular.

There are many websites that allow you to take short, simple surveys in exchange for small amounts of money that can add up over time. Some websites offer gift cards and rewards instead of cash, which may or may not work for you.

These websites are particularly good if you need money fast, as they can pay out daily with online gift cards, even as you earn small dollar amounts.

Some of our favorite survey sites are:

The content of the surveys can be anything from your opinion on media to answering questions about products you typically use.

The surveys are usually put out by companies trying to gather information about the market and aiming for as much feedback as possible.

For you, this is great, because you can do one survey occasionally throughout the day or sit down and spend hours filling them out.

The surveys are pretty much endless if you know where to look!

In addition to these shorter surveys, other platforms connect you to focus groups and larger studies.

These may ask you to take an hour to join a call and provide feedback on new products or early research. Because they are more in-depth, this type of study usually pays more for each session.

However, these also have stricter requirements, and you may find you aren’t eligible for a large number of studies as they try to narrow their participants.

Some of these options are available in person, with focus groups you attend, or items you can pick up and take home to test.

Another version of this side hustle is participating in trials or research studies, which often come with a small stipend and require in-person participation.

10. Freelance Writing & Blogging

When most people hear of blogging, they think about starting their own website and brand, writing about their say or viewpoint.

This is certainly one way you can make money with a blog, especially if you gain a following and can expand out to other social media or partner with brands.

But if you don’t want to have a personal blog, yet have strong writing skills, freelance copywriting could be a good option.

Copywriters create content, like blogs or website landing pages, for companies who are in need of this content. While a marketing or writing background is helpful, anyone can be a copywriter who works freelance.

Websites like Upwork connect you with potential clients as long as you have a good portfolio and some information on your credentials.

Like many others, this side hustle allows for complete control of your schedule and your workload, while providing some structure as you respond to client requests.

You can choose to write one short blog per week or to provide thousands of words, based on your own availability and desire.

Depending on your line of work, this can also be a great asset to your career as it is a lucrative marketing skill and you will likely learn more on the job.

Like any freelancing option, the challenge may be finding clients or operating as an independent business, even as online platforms make it simpler.

For more information, check out: How to Make Money Blogging

Successful Side Hustles

Whether you choose one of these options or a completely different path for your side hustle, it’s important to treat it as a job just like any other.

The more you are able to commit to a second income stream, the more income you are likely to bring in.

Choosing something you are passionate about and are able to support for the long term can help you extend your side hustle into something lucrative and potentially even a future career path.

For working moms, it’s also important to set boundaries. Before you begin, decide how much you’re willing to invest upfront, at what point you would stop investing, and your goal for earnings.

Additionally, think about what amount of time you are willing to commit and when. These decisions give you metrics to measure against down the line to ensure you are getting what you need out of your side hustle.

Remember that being successful in your side hustle is about more than just bringing in extra cash, but modeling to your children ambition and passion.


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