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How to Get FREE MONEY on Cash App

If you think free money on Cash App is too good to be true, think again! Cash App gives you $5 every time you refer a friend! Plus, anyone you refer through your referral code automatically gets a $5 sign-up bonus!

Just follow these easy steps!

How to Get FREE MONEY on Cash App in 5 Easy Steps

Follow these steps to earn free money on Cash App:

1. Download Cash App

You'll need to download Cash App on to your phone before you can proceed. Make sure you complete the entire onboarding process or you won't qualify for any bonus money. This includes:

  • Clicking this link: Download Cash App

  • Linking a debit card to your account (Note: If you don't have a debit card, you can apply for a prepaid debit/credit card through Genesis Financial, who specializes in helping people with less-than-perfect credit.

  • Completing a transaction of at least $5 in the next two weeks (more on that in Step #3.)

2. Send Your Referral Link to a Trusted Friend

You'll receive $5 every time someone clicks on your referral link and completes the onboarding process outlined in Step #1.

3. Send your $5 Bonus to a Trusted Friend using Cash App

This satisfies the $5 minimum transaction requirement (thus qualifying you for your bonus) and allows your friend to acquire their own $5 bonus.

4. Have Your Friend Send the Money Back to You

Once your friend returns your bonus money to you, you'll have $5 in your Cash App account that you can use to pay for whatever you want! Your friend will have $5 in their account too!

5. Repeat

You can repeat this process as many times as you want and earn $5 every time! There's no limit to how many people you refer. Just make sure that people click on your referral link so that you earn the $5 credit.

PRO TIP: Post your referral link on your social media accounts so that your friends can click on it easily.

Other Ways to Get FREE MONEY on Cash App

In addition to referring friends to Cash App, there are a few other ways to earn bonuses and qualify for FREE MONEY. These methods include:

Sweepstakes & Giveaways

You can earn cash or discounts on Cash App by entering periodic sweepstakes and giveaways on the platform. Cash App generally posts announcements for these events on their Twitter or Instagram accounts.

BitCoin Boosts

Cash App rewards you with FREE MONEY when you activate a Bitcoin Boost and make a qualifying purchase using your Cash Card, which is a free Visa Debit Card that you can apply for through the app.

Your rewards are paid out in Bitcoin which you can convert into cash by selling through the app.


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