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27 Side Hustles You Can Start Without a Car, Computer, or Money.

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Not having a car or computer makes things more complicated when you need to earn extra money. But fear not!

We put our heads together and developed a list of creative ways to make money that do not require your own transportation or computer.

Most of these ideas do not require any initial investment either.

Here is our list:

In the end, the number of profitable side hustles you can start without a car, computer, or a ton of money was surprising even to us!

Keep in mind that although you can implement most of these ideas without leaving home and none of these ideas require you to own a computer, you may still need a smartphone to promote your services and communicate with customers.

There may also be cases where you may need a computer to create an account or a profile, but you’ll be able to conduct the rest of your business through an app after the initial setup.

In these instances, we recommend either borrowing a computer from a friend or using a computer at a public library.

Of course, having a bit of money in your pocket to buy equipment and supplies will dramatically increase your earning potential.

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Here are some of the best side hustle ideas we can think of that don’t require you to have a car or computer:

Profitable side hustles that don’t require a car or computer:

1. Babysitting & Senior Care

Babysitting & senior care are the perfect side hustles if you love kids and/or the elderly. There are opportunities in every neighborhood in the world, and the demand for these services is constant.

Consider reaching out to your close family and friends to get your business rolling.

Working parents often enlist part-time helpers to assist with errands and housework, and elderly community members may need similar help.

Babysitting & senior care offer the following advantages:

  • Decent pay

  • High demand

  • Steady source of income (especially if you have regular customers)

Always make sure that the expectations are clear and the scope of the job is well-defined before agreeing to take on any babysitting or senior care job.

It’s also a good idea to get CPR certified.

Consider advertising your services on You can register as a care provider so that people in your community can find you easily. They also assist with payment processing.

2. Sue Robocallers

Did you know that it's illegal for anyone to use a machine to automatically dial anyone else's number for the purpose of trying to sell them something?

It's true; and you can read about it for yourself by clicking on the Telephone Consumer Protection Act 47 U.S.C. 227 sec 227.

You're probably thinking "Wait a second, I get around 20 robocalls every day!"

Well, if your number is on the national Do-Not-Call registry than you're entitled to receive a cash settlement of at least $500 per robocall.

Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Enter your number on the Do-Not-Call registry

  2. Wait to receive a robocall

  3. Get a human on the line and ask for a website or physical address, or use Instant Checkmate to perform a reverse phone lookup

  4. Send the robocall company a demand letter via USPS certified mail and ask for payment

  5. Take the robocall company to small claims court if they refuse to comply.

For more information about how to successfully sue robocallers, including a sample template that you can use to draft your own demand letters, check out: How to Make Quick and Easy Money Suing Robocallers.

3. Dog Walking

If you’re a dog lover, then walking the dogs in your neighborhood should be a no-brainer. Many dog owners enlist the services of a dog walker to ensure their pets get regular exercise.

Any single adult who owns a dog and works during the day is a potential client.

Start by asking friends, neighbors, and family members for referrals. Join a Facebook group where you can connect with local dog owners. You should also advertise your services on Part of their platform focuses on connecting dog owners with dog walkers, sitters, and boarders.

4. Tutoring

If you enjoy teaching and educational activities, you could earn extra income by tutoring young people. Tutoring involves helping students understand their lessons, assisting students with their homework, and helping them prepare for exams.

Another option to consider is teaching English to non-native speakers. Suppose you are fluent in a foreign language. In that case, you can offer tutoring services to people interested in learning that language, including working adults who may need to learn that language for professional reasons.

You can also offer tutoring services tailored to specific exams like the SAT, ACT, LSAT, International Baccalaureate (IB), and Advanced Placement Program (AP Program).

Here are some things to consider before starting a tutoring business:

  • The age range of your target students

  • Pricing

  • Specialty subjects

  • Scheduling

  • Tools or equipment you may need

  • Marketing your services (Google, Facebook, Craigslist, etc.)

  • Online vs. in-person tutoring

  • Individual vs. group tutoring

If you already hold a full-time job, you’ll need to decide how much time you want to devote to tutoring. You can commit to a few hours daily or a couple of times a week.

If you decide to pursue tutoring as a side job, consider advertising your services on Varsity Tutors.

Teaching English online is particularly convenient for people looking for extra work during odd hours because the middle of the night in the USA is still the middle of the day on the other side of the globe.

Magic Ears hires teachers from the US and Canada to teach students aged 4 to 12. They are one of the highest-paying companies in the industry, with a rate of up to $26 per hour, but you will need to have your TESOL certification.

For more information about teaching English online, be sure to check out: “How to Make Money Teaching English Online.”

5. Renting Out Your House

Another great source of passive income is renting out your house by the night on platforms such as Airbnb. Still, if you don’t have the space or the inclination to rent your home out to strangers, you can earn money by renting your home out by the hour to film crews and photographers on the following sites:

However, if you decide to try Airbnb, make sure you have clear written house rules for tenants. Can they bring pets? Are they allowed to smoke? Can they use your washing machine or kitchen? Also, factor in the cost of repairing and maintaining household appliances if you rent out your home.

6. Baking

If you are a skilled baker and enjoy whipping up delicious baked goodies for your family, you can consider making a little extra money by selling them on the side.

There’s always a demand for sweet treats like cakes, pies, and cookies.

Start by letting your friends and neighbors know that you’re selling baked products.

Some home bakers enter partnerships with local restaurants for a regular consignment of confectionaries. Others bake cakes and pastries for special occasions, which usually command higher prices.

You’ll be surprised to know that many established bakers started their baking empires this way!

Debbi Fields of the famous cookie brand “Mrs. Fields.” first sold homemade cookies out of her small bakery in Palo Alto, California, in the ‘70s. Her brand continues to be a household name to this day.

To build up a regular clientele, consider focusing on people with specific dietary needs. You can specialize in vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, or keto-baked products.

Baking provides a great return on your investment and has tremendous potential to become a full-time business.

7. Hosting Garage Sales

Hosting garage sales can be a great way to earn money and declutter your home. All you need to do is sort, price, and arrange unwanted stuff in your yard or garage. Then, print a couple of signs that will attract neighbors and passers-by. You can also promote your garage sale on social media.

Also, consider flipping items from other garage sales, estate sales, or thrift stores. You can sell these items on eBay, especially if they are rare or antique.

Who knows, you may even become the next Garage Sale Millionaire.

8. Providing Music Lessons

If you are proficient in playing a musical instrument, consider teaching those skills to new music students.

If you’ve had formal music instructions or have experience performing professionally, you can teach advanced students for a higher rate.

Online music lessons are quite popular now because it’s more convenient for both the teacher and student. You can set up a YouTube channel that shows the basics of playing a particular instrument. Offer them as a course pack so that you can also earn passive income.

Consider advertising your services on Lessonface, a platform for teaching music online.

9. Become a House Sitter

House sitting involves taking care of a family’s house and pets while they’re traveling. Some people even house sit around the world, giving them the chance to experience different countries and cultures at a minimal cost.

House-sitting can last anywhere from a couple of weeks to months and even years in some cases.

Basic expectations from a house sitter include simple tasks like cleaning, collecting the mail, feeding and caring for pets, if any, taking care of plants, taking out trash/recycling, and snow clearing. Compensation can range anywhere between $25 to $80 per day, depending on the location and what the service entails. For example, walking, essential grooming, and feeding a pet might be part of the deal, but you can charge an additional amount for taking the pet for scheduled visits to the vet or the groomer.

Consider advertising your services on and You can register as a care provider so that people in your community can find you easily. They also assist with payment processing.

10. Renting Out Space for Storage or Events

Do you have a big house or yard? Consider renting out the unused storage space in your home on platforms like that allow homeowners to rent out portions of their home for storage as a way of earning passive income.

Renting out extra space in your house for storage is perfect if you’re not comfortable having tenants. People can store stuff in your unused guest room, the garage, attic, basement, barn, shed, or even in a part of your yard.

Here are other ways to make use of your space to earn some extra cash:

  • You can rent out your common space (kitchen and dining area) by the hour for parties and small events on EatWith. The same is true for swimming pools, rooftops, or outdoor patios.

  • Rent out a basement, garage, or unused room to an artist who needs a studio.

  • Rent out the address of your office space to a virtual business to serve as their mailing address.

  • Rent out parking space for a car, boat, or RV.

11. Host culinary events

You can earn extra money by cultivating unique culinary experiences from your own kitchen and advertising that experience on EatWith. Examples of culinary experiences include:

  • Online cooking classes

  • Online mixology classes

  • Virtual wine tastings

  • Virtual whisky tastings

  • Online coffee classes

  • In-person food tours

This side hustle is perfect for anyone passionate about food. These types of culinary experiences are popular among tourists, virtual travelers, and corporations who are in the market for team-building activities.

12. Creating a Local Walking Tour

Do you live in a place that people like to visit? Maybe you live near a famous art district? Or perhaps you live close to something of historical significance?

You can create unique walking tours for tourists and visitors and market your tour through

You can also offer food tours, bar crawls, or any local activity that visitors to the area might enjoy.

For inspiration, here are some great examples of walking tours in New York City:

13. Interior Decorating Business

If you like designing, planning, and furnishing spaces, you can work as a freelance interior designer and keep your 9 to 5 job.

Many homeowners enlist the services of a decorator or designer to give their space a makeover or to help stage their house for sale.

If you have a good eye for style and excellent organizational and marketing skills, you can turn this side hustle into a thriving business. You might also be surprised to learn that many of the most successful interior designers don’t have interior design degrees.

14. Notary Public Service

A notary public is an individual commissioned by the state to witness the signing of legal documents. The objective is to deter and detect fraud through a notary’s verification of the signer’s identity, consent, and awareness of the document.

To become a notary public, you need to:

  • Submit an application

  • Pay the application fee

  • Swear an oath

There are different guidelines for each state. Also, be sure to check if your state requires you to obtain a surety bond, complete additional training, or pass an exam.

15. Recover your old 401(k)s

Companies will contribute to 401k retirement savings plans for their employees during the the course of their employment; but when you change jobs, that money often gets left behind.

Unless you transfer that money into your own person IRA, it will just sit in limbo for forever.

Beagle helps people recover their old 401(k)s.

Just sign up for an account and they'll help you recover your money!

16. Credit Card Rewards and Loyalty Programs

Did you know that you can earn free money just by taking advantage of credit card rewards and loyalty programs?

Even if you don’t have a credit card, you can still access virtual shopping malls through most online banking portals. By purchasing the same products you use daily through specific retailers, you can redeem “reward points” for airline miles, hotel stays or transfer them into a PayPal account and withdraw the funds as cash.

‘Maximizing rewards’ doesn’t require any extra expenditure on your part; you simply change where you do your shopping. That’s it.

If you have decent credit and want to start earning free money and travel with credit card rewards, our #1 pick for the credit card with the best reward program is the Capital One Venture Rewards Card.

You’ll also gain access to one of the best virtual malls on the Internet, and if you use it correctly, you can save money by shopping at big-name retailers like Target, BuyBuyBaby, Zara, and thousands of others.

For best results, we recommend signing up for multiple promos, bonuses, and loyalty programs, especially travel-based loyalty programs that generally allow you to transfer points between them. They’re all free to join, and you’ll never miss a discount; plus, by joining every program, you’ll have the most options available to you when you want to cash in your points.

The loyalty programs that let you transfer points between them are:

Just be wise about your expenses and keep track of your payments and their due dates.

To learn more about how to maximize your benefits, check out “How to Earn Free Cash and Travel with Credit Card Rewards.”

17. Sports or Fitness Coaching

If you excel in a particular sport, you may want to start a coaching business that allows you to share your expertise while earning extra money.

You can also become a part-time fitness coach or personal trainer. The job of a personal trainer involves creating exercise and nutrition plans for clients and motivating your clients during workout sessions.

If you prefer working with a group, check if your local gym needs yoga, Pilates, aerobics, or dance teachers.

You can become a certified trainer online through the American Council on Exercise or Trainer Academy.

18. Become a Human Billboard

You may have seen people holding signs with company branding or promotions in high-traffic areas. They’re called human billboards, and it is an excellent opportunity for those who want to work on a part-time or as-needed basis.

Your employer will likely station you near the building or establishment you’re promoting. Businesses like car dealerships and restaurants are known for utilizing this tactic.

As a human billboard, your job is to capture the attention of potential customers and get them to either take a flyer or walk into the store.

Being a human billboard may involve wearing silly costumes, but the work is easy, and the hours and manageable.

19. Modeling

The fashion industry has evolved to include more diverse body types, ages, and skin colors, both on the runways and published materials. This change has created employment opportunities for ‘regular’ people who do not fit the typical model profile.

If this is something you’re interested in, you can:

  • Look for modeling opportunities through casting calls posted online or in closed groups

  • Approach an agency or agent

20. Sewing or Altering Clothes

Do you love making your own clothes? Do you enjoy creating one-of-a-kind clothing? Sewing clothes at home can be a lucrative side hustle due to the high demand for custom-made tailored pieces for weddings, special events, or even for plays and musicals.

You can also specialize in repairing, resizing, or restoring clothes instead of creating them from scratch. Another option is to focus on embroidery, beading, lacemaking, and other detailing work.

21. Pet Grooming Services

As a pet groomer, you can do house calls to bathe pets, trim their fur, and clip their nails. You can even operate out of your home or garage if you have enough space.

Consider advertising your services on and by promoting your services on social media.

Come up with promos and loyalty programs to turn customers into regular clients.

22. Renting Out Baby Gear

A great idea for earning extra cash and making good use of your old baby gear is renting out that baby gear to grandparents who may be hosting a young grandchild for the holidays or young families who are traveling.

Consider listing your old baby gear on platforms like BabyQuip.

23. Creating Original Artwork

If you’re a talented painter or sculptor, you can consider selling your work on Etsy. It can be a good idea to research designs that are already trending and in high demand before you begin.

Even if you’re not an artist or creator, you can still sell art-related stuff on Etsy. Here are some great product ideas for the platform:

  • Stickers

  • Self-care items / gift sets

  • Craft materials and kits

  • Curated food hampers

  • Journaling materials

24. Laundry Service

Washing and folding clothes can take up a lot of time, especially for large families. If you have a good washer and dryer at home, consider offering wash-and-fold laundry services to your neighbors who can drop off and pick up the laundry when it’s done.

Platforms like Laundry Care can help you get started and assist with payment processing. Plus, they can supply you with a steady stream of clients.

You won’t need a computer since this site works using a mobile app.

25. Personal Chef

Are you known for your cooking skills? Do you like planning menus and shopping for food? It may be a good idea to offer your services as a personal chef.

As a personal chef, you can prepare meals for clients in their homes or prepare food in your own kitchen for pickup. Make sure to account for the time you spend planning each meal and buying ingredients too.

Find clients by posting on social media. Don’t forget to ask your clients for referrals either.

26. Money-Making Apps

Several legitimate money-making apps will pay you to complete small tasks online or in your own community. These tasks can range from taking pictures of the inside of a local business, photographing a menu, completing a survey, or watching a YouTube video and giving your opinion.

A word of caution: Not every money-making app is worth joining. However, we have taken the time to vet a good number of money-making apps, and we’ve published our findings in this article: “12 Legit Apps That You Can Earn Real Money With.”

27. Seasonal Jobs

Some industries hire more workers during peak months. If you live in a tourist town, look for jobs that coincide with the influx of visitors. You can be a lifeguard, waiter, tour guide, or camp counselor.

Retail businesses and those in the hospitality sector also need more staff during the holidays. These short-term jobs are an excellent way to earn extra cash for a few months.

To find a seasonal job near you, check out: Coolworks or SeasonalWorkers.

Final Thoughts

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to excellent side hustle ideas that you can execute without needing a car or computer. The secret is to choose one that best suits your skills, availability, and lifestyle.

Now, it goes without saying that how you choose to spend the money you make is entirely up to you, but having a computer will dramatically increase your options and earning power.

We recommend buying one as soon as possible.