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101 Side Hustles You Can Start Today

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

For many unsatisfied workers, the notion of quitting their job and diving into entrepreneurship is a thrilling one. However, finding the resources and courage to take that leap can be difficult, particularly when finances are tight enough already.

A solution to this dilemma comes in the form of a side hustle. Some of the more well-known side hustles include tutoring, affiliate marketing, and freelancing; but there are hundreds of other side hustles you can start and grow from home.

Here’s a look at the side hustles you can start today:

What is a Side Hustle?

A side hustle is any type of self-employment that runs parallel with a full-time job. Typically, people do them over the weekends and in the evenings. It varies from a ‘part-time job’ in the sense that a side hustle isn’t reliant on another employer. Instead, the work is typically self-generated.

You might take up this job for various reasons. To begin with, it offers additional income above your main job.

Secondly, it permits you to pursue a passion that you might not get to explore in your main profession.

Thirdly, you might take it up to test out whether a different profession might be right for you. A side hustle offers a good way of exploring other career opportunities without abandoning your main career.

Statistics Of People Working On Side Hustles

A Banknote study reveals that 45% of Americans have a side hustle; this amounts to about 70 million people. Additional statistics reveal that an extra 60 million intend to begin a side hustle in 2021.

The same study above also reveals that 30% of side hustlers require extra cash to make ends meet while about 60% use the cash mainly for savings or extra disposable income.

The following statistics reveal what people hope to achieve through side hustles:

  • 38.7% - Extra personal freedom

  • 27.4% - Additional income to spend, save, or invest

  • 11.7% - Additional income to make ends meet

  • 6.2% - Paying off debts

  • 5.6% - Creativity

  • 4.6% - It was like a calling

Naturally, people pursue side hustles for a vast variety of reasons.

Average Income from Side Hustles

According to The Ascent, the average side hustle generates $746 (men) and $504 (women) on a monthly basis. Despite the clear gender pay gap observed in this study, 80% of women and 74% of men said their side hustle was worth the extra money.

The Amount of Time Side Hustlers Take

According to the above study, side hustlers average out about 13.25 hours worth of side-work each week - that’s just under two hours per day.

Tips on How to Find the Appropriate Side Hustle

Assess Your Skill Sets

If you wish to earn some extra income but are uncertain of what to do, consider your skill sets. The best way to begin establishing the right side hustle is to develop a list of all your interests and skills. Remember, side hustling can be considerable work, particularly because you have other responsibilities in life, including a full-time or part-time job.

Ensure that you select a side hustle that you’re good at and enjoy. This way, it won’t feel like an extra chore. Take some time to think and reflect when generating this list and consider all your interests and skills.

Explore Revenue Potential

You want to establish the amount of extra cash you need or want to generate. After all, financial goals are what drive people to pursue side hustles. Therefore, it only makes sense to recognize your monetary needs before committing to something.

You might want an extra source of income to pay off debt or maybe save for a trip. Once you have a clear reason, select an income objective that suits your circumstance. If you only wish to earn extra income to enjoy outings, you might want to consider side hustles such as taking online surveys or mystery shopping.

On the other hand, if you want to generate $250 monthly to pay off some bills or supplement housing payments, you might want to consider pet sitting, dog walking, or a part-time job at a retail store.

The Benefits of Side Hustles

For numerous people, the income from a side hustle helps supplement their income, while for others; it’s the only means to save some cash for the future. For frustrated workers desperate to abandon conventional employment, a side hustle is an important first phase of self-employment. Here’s a list of benefits you can expect from a side hustle.

Extra Cash

The major benefit of a side hustle is to generate extra cash, which you can use to facilitate the development of a new business and reinforce a savings cushion for when you resolve to quit your job.

While numerous side businesses, including a range of freelancing opportunities, frequently require at least a minimal startup investment, it usually doesn't take very long to recoup those costs; especially if you're proactive about seeking new opportunities.

Self-development and Awareness

Discovering and working on your ideas can teach you all kinds of things about your likes and dislikes. Besides the skills you’ll learn from running your business, you’ll simultaneously invest in your personal development.

In corporate employment, it’s easy to depend on the training programs that your employer offers. As an entrepreneur, you’ll need to facilitate your own professional development; but this can actually lead to faster personal growth and result in you developing a more well-rounded skill set while simultaneously obtaining a better understanding of your own weaknesses and strengths.

Explore Possible Business Routes and Passions

A side hustle permits you to explore your interests and test possible business ideas without the desperate need for success.

Even if things don’t work out, you’ll still have your day job. On the other hand, if it does take off and becomes emotionally and financially lucrative, you’ll be on solid ground when it comes to making important and crucial career decisions.

Income Security

Today, lifetime employment security isn’t as prevalent as it was previously. Depending on one source of income can sometimes be unwise, though it’s frequently the norm. With the increasingly changing digital age, you can’t tell which companies or jobs could become outdated. That’s why it’s a great idea to have a backup plan or cushion.

Even if you have an emergency fund, an extra income source can put you at ease and ease some pressure should you find yourself laid off. It could also prevent you from touching your savings.

New Opportunities

The more you create and share with the world, the more chances you generate for yourself. Irrespective of your objectives, a side hustle guarantees unpredictable, thrilling prospects that come in unthinkable ways.

You’ll certainly meet new people that you wouldn’t have met and possibly forge lasting relationships. Companies that like your side hustle and can spot a valuable skill; will probably reach out and want to employ you.

You could even use your side gig to pitch the company you’re currently working for, on a change of role or title. You could use it to leverage a raise if you can demonstrate how your side gig can improve your work at the organization.

Numerous Income Sources Gives Options

A side gig allows more flexibility to afford the lifestyle you want. You could enjoy a vacation or randomly treat yourself or your family without worrying about money. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that even if things don’t work out and you lose your job or have huge unexpected medical costs, you won’t have to go into debt.

Beginning a side hustle is also an excellent way of testing to see whether you’ll enjoy a new line of work. If you’re ready for a career change, a side hustle that helps you develop pertinent skills is vital.

If it’s covering some of your bills, it could buy you time to gain experience, take classes, and find the right job prospects, and transition smoothly into a new field.

Experience Being Your Boss

Being an employee and being your boss are two entirely different things. As a startup founder, you’re responsible for decision-making, and failure or success depends on your decisions.

A side hustle allows you to experience what it’s like to manage a business. You’ll obtain insight into every procedure and task, from bookkeeping to sending invoices and self-marketing.

A Side Hustle Acts Like A Backup Plan

For many of those in full-time employment, their side gig is a backup plan. A side gig, which generates money, offers a substitute in case things don’t work out.

You can also grow your side gig into something bigger.

Jump Start Retirement

Nowadays, the retirement age seems to be getting further. If you want to retire peacefully, you should begin planning for it. You could use the income from the side hustle in a solo 401 (k) to increase your retirement savings.

Alternatively, you could invest the money in other areas. If you want the side hustle to act as a source of retirement, you might have to convert it into a formal business.

Tax Incentives

You might mistakenly believe that the income from your side hustle is tax-free, but this isn’t the case. You could face serious penalties if you don’t pay taxes on the income. However, a side hustle opens up the door to numerous tax incentives.

You’ll need to pay self-employment tax, but you might still be eligible for a typical business deduction. You could also subtract some of your expenses from the taxable income.

This will need careful tracking of your expenses and a thorough understanding of tax documentation. If done properly, you could save considerable money. If not, you could face severe financial consequences.

Eliminate Debt Sooner

If you’re seriously devoted to paying off debt as fast as possible, you're probably reevaluating your expenses to find extra cash for debt repayments. But the fact is that simplifying your spending won’t get you far.

There’s also a limit to the amount you can cut back. The benefit of a side hustle is that it generates cash and can help clear your debt earlier than you’d be able to with your existing income.

101 Profitable Side Hustle Ideas You Can Start Today

The best means to become your boss and boost your Income is to begin a side hustle while you still have the security and safety of your day job. Surprisingly, numerous side hustles have resulted in new jobs, lifelong friendships, and useful relationships.

Here's a list of hustle ideas you can begin today:

1. Freelance Writing

Businesses need quality content for promotional campaigns, brand introductions, newsletters, and websites. As a freelance writer, you can promote your work online to secure more clients. Keep in mind that reliability and trust are the major aspects your client will seek when hiring a writer.

Coursera offers a great course through the University of California Irvine called Academic English: Writing Specialization that we recommend for anyone looking to pursue freelance writing as a side hustle.

Advertise your services on platforms like Fiverr and hone your skills with ClearWriter.

2. Virtual Assistant

In this position, you can decide how to work and who to work for. You’ll discover that this amazing opportunity allows you to run your schedule from anywhere.

The role might involve performing office tasks or administrative work. To set this side job up, start by identifying what you can provide. Then connect with prospective employers through networking platforms.

For more information on how to become a virtual assistant, check out "How to Make Money as a Virtual Assistant" on Amazon.

3. Convert Your Experience into a Coaching Business

Motivational speakers and life coaches earn their revenue through sharing experiences and inspiring people to change their lives for the better. If you find that families and friends turn to you for advice, this might be ideal for you.

The key is to help people tackle their problems by sharing your experiences and how you overcame some situations. If you’re an excellent orator with a commanding presence, consider making this a side business.

For more information, check out: "Million Dollar Coach" on Amazon.

4. Proofreading

Proofreading entails reading content or an article while checking for errors. If you’re good at punctuation and grammar, this job is ideal for you. To succeed as a proofreader, you need a good command of a certain language such as English.

To make money proofreading, we suggest advertising your services on platforms like Fiverr.

5. Teaching Cooking classes Online

The advantage of this job as a side hustle is the flexibility and the fact that you can generate money at your convenient schedule - holding classes on weekends or evenings.

Platforms like EatWith allow people from all over the world to share their culture's culinary treasures with anyone who wants to learn.

There are classes on every style of cuisine imaginable - from every corner of the globe.

6. Start a Blog

This side hustle is one of the best for women who wish to generate passive income online. A blog can help you generate income through various ways, including sponsored posts and providing a service.

For more information on how to start a blog, check out "How to Make Money Blogging."

7. Personal Trainer

If you consider yourself a good teacher and are physically fit, consider launching personal training as a side hustle. You’ll be able to help clients develop workout routines and ensure they get into shape whether through video or in person.

Fitness Mentors is an excellent resource for people who are looking to make money as personal trainers and is a great place to connect with clients.

8. Selling Courses Online

If you enjoy sharing knowledge with the masses, you might want to consider selling courses online. By developing an engaging and thorough class, you could help others expand their skills. You could even turn this side hustle into a passive revenue stream.

You can market your class on platforms like

9. Embroidery

Customized embroidery is a great new trend that’s been picking up on social media. Consider using your talent to sell unique fabric products, or refurbish old clothes with funky new designs. You can set up a custom store on Shopify and connect it to relevant sales channels that specialize in handcrafted goods; like Etsy.

10. Uber/DoorDash Driver

Driving for rideshare services such as Uber or restaurant delivery services like DoorDash or grocery delivery services like InstaCart offers a quick means to convert your idle vehicle into cash. You simply need to apply, integrate the app into your phone, and wait for ride prospects to come in.

Driver revenue differs considerably by the time of day and location. Some bonuses might even be available to increase earnings for new drivers. Just keep in mind that you pay for your gas and vehicle - so there are running costs involved.

You can even earn extra money by "wrapping" your car in advertising. Check out for more details.

11. Flipping

Flipping denotes a term for purchasing items affordably and reselling them online through sites, for instance, Amazon, eBay, and Craigslist. This side hustle is riskier because you must invest in inventory to sell. If you’re an expert in niche goods, however, you can use your knowledge to make decent money.

You can purchase items to resell online using convenient apps, which help you determine whether you’re securing a good deal.

You can also flip digital products like blogs, eCommerce stores, and affiliate marketing sites on platforms like Flippa.

For more information about flipping digital products, check out: "How to Make Money Flipping Digital Products."

12. Web Design

If you have skills in web design or programming, numerous companies are eager to pay to edit or design web pages for them.

If you don't have the skills but are interested in learning, check out "Web Design for Everybody: Basics of Web Development and Coding Specialization" on Coursera, offered by the University of Michigan.

This position is usually freelance, so you could receive payment from numerous companies. The job is also flexible, so you can do it at a convenient time when you aren't working.

To make money in web design, we suggest advertising your services on platforms like Fiverr.

13. Photography

If you’re passionate about the arts or enjoy taking photographs of your friends and family, you might want to consider photography as a side hustle.

You could offer to photograph events such as weddings or take family portraits. This allows you to build a portfolio that can help secure more clients over time. Remember that you’ll probably have to invest in social media platforms to spread your business.

All you need is a camera.

14. Tour Guide

If you reside in a city or other area visited by tourists, consider providing your services as a guide. You simply require some knowledge of the area, a friendly and outgoing personality, as well as strong communication skills. You could provide services through friends or family or join relevant sites.

Consider advertising your tour on relevant websites. If you're too uncertain about your environment, look around on online portals and check in with any potential visitors. You can also advertise your services on sites like and

15. Begin a Dropshipping Business

This side hustle idea is one of the best. It permits you to sell an item directly to a customer without purchasing any inventory. This means you don't require a huge startup budget, ensuring a low risk. The manufacturer doesn't just carry the inventory but also ships it for you.

Your major focus should be customer service and marketing, which are the business's lifeline. If you're great at marketing, this side job will suit you perfectly. The best thing about dropshipping is that it allows you to begin a business with any of your preferred passions.

Shopify offers a free webinar for prospective dropshippers that we highly recommend called "How to Get Started in Dropshipping."

It's possible to pursue any niche with dropshipping. Furthermore, it leaves room for creativity. The amount of money you generate from this business will depend on the amount of effort you invest into your marketing and business.

16. Affiliate Marketing

This side job pays well over the long term. However, be prepared to go through a learning curve before you begin generating money with it. Remember, it's not just about establishing the right item to sell, but also establishing the right brand with which to partner.

The amount of money you make will depend on the product you sell and the affiliate network you use. Make sure you request the content creator or affiliate program for assets that could help with product marketing. For instance, they might have a free tool or lead magnet you could use to incentivize people to buy the product.

For more information, check out: "A Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing."

17. Sell Print-on-Demand Merchandise

If you enjoy making artwork and custom graphics in your free time, running a print-on-demand business could make an ideal side hustle. The best thing about it is that you can produce and sell items under your own personalized brand.

You could also automate the business's logistics by opting to drop ship your products. In this case, you design items, include them in your store, endorse them, and take orders from your clients. The company that prints your designs onto the items will subsequently ship the products directly to the client.

Shopify offers a free webinar for people who are looking to make money by selling print-on-demand merchandise called "How to Quickly Start a Profitable T-Shirt Store."

The amount of money you can generate from selling POD items will depend on the effort you invest in marketing and the extent to which people like your designs. With some work, you could generate thousands of dollars monthly; especially if you list your products on a popular eCommerce marketplace like Etsy and Amazon.

18. Graphic Design

If you're the creative type with a passion for graphic design, you can earn good money by taking on assignments for everything from fan art to professional flyers.

If this is something you would like to pursue, consider taking an online course to hone your design skills and make yourself more marketable. Coursera offers a number of online courses in this arena, but the Fundamentals of Graphic Design course, offered by the California Institute of the Arts, is one of the highest-rated.

19. Beat Production

If you have a decent grasp on music production and can combine samples to create backing tracks, you might find yourself in the right place to quickly monetize your skills.

Several vocalists, from singers to rappers, require beats with which to write their songs and create audition tapes. This is where you come in - you can cater to custom requests using platforms such as Fiverr, or create, promote, and sell beats on portals such as Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

You can get started with minimum investment too. All you really need is a sampler and a computer.

20. Offer Services on Fiverr

Gigs typically begin at $5 at Fiverr though you have the choice to sell add-ons for extra money. Just post some gigs and start making money.

Any job that can be accomplished with a computer qualifies!

Some examples include graphic design, video animation, video editing, content writing, translation, search engine optimization, coding, website building, business planning, and marketing.

21. Instagram Marketer

If you have a huge following on Instagram, major brands might approach you and pay you to endorse their product.

If you don't have a huge following, but want one, be sure to read: "How to Become Famous on Instagram."

You'd be amazed to learn how much you can make just by promoting the right products to your followers!

22. Host Parties

You may not have an extra bedroom to rent out, but I bet you've got a kitchen and dining area. You can earn extra money by hosting your own events, or you can rent out the common areas of your house by the hour to party planners, chefs, photographers, and film crews.

Just list your space on:

  • PeerSpace

  • Giggster

  • Avvay

  • Splacer

  • ThisOpenSpace

  • CozyMeal

23. Rent Your Vehicle

If you own an extra vehicle or don't intend to use it for a considerable period, you could rent it for extra cash.

List your car for rent on

24. Childcare

If you enjoy spending time with kids, some companies link sitters with families - you can even start off easy by spreading the word with family and friends.

Consider listing your services on or

25. Notary Services

After acquiring a notary certification, you could offer services to notarize documents at a fee. You just need to submit an application and start.

26. Complete Household Chores

You could earn cash by assisting others with miscellaneous tasks, for instance, yard work and interior painting.

Consider advertising your services on

27. Car Wash

The side hustle is affordable to begin. Just purchase the supplies and begin marketing your company through flyers or word of mouth.

All you need is a waterless car wash kit, and two 2-gallon sprayers, (one for the water and one for the wash.

28. Music Teaching

If you're well-versed in piano, guitar, or other instruments, you could generate money by teaching others.

Consider advertising your services on

29. Cleaning Services

You can earn a decent income from cleaning other peoples' homes at your convenience. You can start with friends, family, and expand your network via referrals to work with larger businesses.

Workplaces and private offices are constantly in need of cleaning - so consider this if you’re looking for a simple task with little training involved that also provides repeat opportunities through cleaning contracts.

You can even make money just by cleaning up parking lots. For more information, check out: "America's Simplest Side Hustle."

30. Sports Coaching

If you're passionate about sports, you should contact local schools and universities to see whether opportunities exist.

You can also list your services on

31. Teach English Online

English is the international language of business and wealthy families all over the world are willing to spend good money on a native English speaker to tutor their children.

The best part of all is that you're already an expert on the subject! If you speak another language, even better! There is always someone out there willing to learn a new language.

Consider advertising your services on sites like

For more information, be sure to read: "How to Earn Money Teaching English Online."

32. Download Money-Making Apps

There are dozens of apps you can download that will pay you for completing small tasks around your own community. They may include things like taking a survey, photographing the inside of a store, or acting as a secret shopper.

These apps include Field Agent, Instawork Gigs & Jobs, Shipt Shopper, Eureka, Gigwalk, & Wonolo.

To see our complete list of apps that you can make money with, check out: "12 Legit Apps for Earning Money."

33. Home Decoration

If you have a passion for interior design, this skill can help you generate money. The best part is that it's flexible and creatively fulfilling.

Consider advertising your services on and

34. Selling Stock Photos

Book covers, websites, and brochures frequently use stock photos to enhance their items using images. If you're an avid photographer you can sell your photos to websites like Shutterstock. You could pose different photos with friends as models or just sell photos of random scenes or objects.

35. Astrology Readings

Maybe you’ve got an interest in natal charts and star signs - the good news is, so do millions of other people! You can easily learn the basics of star chart reading online, and even branch out into tarot and other divination practices.

While this is far from hard science, several people find the insights from a reading fun and interesting to ponder on. You can also use social media to leverage yourself and gain more clients through referrals and free services.

36. Pet-Sitting

If you like hanging out with cats, dogs, and the occasional exotic pet, create a profile on platforms such as and and begin getting pet-sitting clients. Options for this role include walking a dog daily while the owner is at work, or overnight pet-sitting from the owner's home or your place. Other than the advantage of spending time with animals, the great side hustle allows you to select your hours and rates.

37. Tutoring

If you're talented at subjects that others consider intimidating, this job is for you. Parents want their kids, whether in college or school, to succeed and frequently pay a lot of money for tutoring services. Keep in mind that the side hustle needs knowledge of a subject as well as a knack for teaching.

Look for clients on sites like

38. Landscaping

If you're the type that enjoys spending time outdoors, consider taking up landscaping, gardening, or lawn mowing as a side hustle. Just know that you might need to invest in a mower and hacker if you want your investments to pay off fast.

Advertising to local homeowners will reveal that they're more eager to pay a local college student than a renowned landscaping company - saving money in the process while supporting their community.

Consider advertising your services on,,, and

39. Provide Moving Services

University and college towns are associated with a high turnover where people are constantly moving out and in - especially during the start and end of semesters.

Capitalize on the turnover by providing moving services as a side job. Although you could lend your endeavors to an already established company, you might discover you're better off gathering a group of friends to share the job. Based on your residential area, good networking and working hard can guarantee you some decent money over the weekend.

40. Provide Painting Services

Some people find painting to be peaceful and relaxing work. If you're the type, providing your services could be an excellent side job. After all, most people dislike painting their homes, so they would be eager to hire a part-time worker. Do some research to determine prices and invest in some good tools such as rollers.

Consider advertising your services on and

41. Preparation of Tax Returns

Companies and individuals are always seeking help throughout tax season. If you're experienced in bookkeeping or accounting, start by registering with the tax authority.

42. Pool Cleaning

If you're an expert at pool cleaning, you can begin your side hustle with the skill. Start by examining classifieds and ramp up your online presence.

Consider advertising your services on and

43. Yoga Teaching

Start by establishing a suitable instructor certification. Upon obtaining certification, contact local gyms and studios to inquire about positions - while finding 1-1 clients in your social circle.

44. Stage Homes

If you're enthusiastic about interior design, you can generate cash by decorating and organizing homes for sale - a niche job but very flexible and rewarding for a home design enthusiast.

45. Computer Repair

Are you skilled at repairing computers? Begin your repair service through referrals; it might grow into a micro business. If you develop a solid following, consider reaching out to parts manufacturers, who can strike a marketing deal if you have a solid online presence.

46. Bookkeeping

With some organizational and mathematical skills, you could help other businesses keep their finances organized. This side hustle is great because you don't require a specialized degree - all you need are organization skills and a calculator.

47. Amazon Reseller

Anyone can do this job. You could resell some of your valued possessions on Amazon or collaborate with a dropshipper - just keep in mind that you will have to invest in marketing your products before seeing any revenue.

For more information on how to become a successful Amazon reseller, be sure to check out our "5-Step Guide for Finding Trending Products to Sell on Amazon."

48. Brand Ambassador

Major brands are constantly seeking ordinary people to assist with marketing endeavors on the ground. If you have a good social media presence, consider sending cold calls to companies in your niche - such as makeup, skincare, and other social-media-friendly products.

49. Customer Interviews

Numerous companies use this means to obtain feedback on new products. Check out relevant sites and you could add some weekly revenue without much effort.

50. Rent Out Your Garage or Attic

Various platforms link people with storage needs with people with surplus storage capacity in their garage. Just list the space and receive payment.

Sites like or can help you find clients.

51. Coding

These skills are in high demand, so be proactive in your search by contacting businesses that might require your service. Companies and individual clients may require coders for app development, custom software, and even professional debugging for other coders.

Keeping a solid portfolio website will go a long way in helping you demonstrate your value.

52. Handyman

If you're excellent with your hands, this side hustle can earn you decent money. You can change your rates and set your schedule - just make sure to own a good set of tools.

Consider advertising your services on and

53. SEO Consultancy

If you're well-versed in increasing web traffic, you could offer the service. Alternatively, you could acquire certification on Google Adwords - helping companies create more search engine-friendly websites.

54. Flip Vehicles

If you possess excellent negotiating skills and are skillful in fixing vehicles, you could buy vehicles, work on them, and flip for a higher cost.

55. House Sitting

You can make extra cash by house-sitting for friends - if you know anyone who’s planning a vacation, consider reaching out to them and letting them know that you can keep their property maintained while they’re away.

56. Window Cleaning

Since windows get dirty daily, this is a great option for easy, simple, recurring work. You just need a marketing plan and supplies to get started.

Consider advertising your services on and

57. Repairing Cars & Motorcycles

This business has a high demand because most Americans own vehicles. If you're familiar with fixing motorcycles and cars, offer these services for some additional cash.

58. Sell Phone Cases

Mobile phone accessories are a huge market, so this business can be very profitable. It doesn't even require special equipment - all you need is an e-commerce website and a marketing plan to find customers.

59. Landing Page Expert

If you have some knowledge or experience in internet marketing, you might have some clue about page conversions. If not, you could learn. The side hustle entails some writing expertise, but you could collaborate with copywriters by helping them get clients.

60. Launch a Food Truck

If you're talented in cooking and want to start your own menu, you might want to begin with a food truck. Get started by examining your area's registrations and licenses, and scope out good places to serve your eats.

61. SAT Tutor

If you earned a great SAT score, you could help students prepare for the test though you might need to brush up on your skills. Several parents and students are willing to pay a good price for exam-specific tutelage - it’s a good idea to capitalize on that.

Look for clients on sites like

62. Meal Prep Services

Often, professionals find it impossible to juggle cooking healthy meals with their work and personal lives. By setting up a meal-prep kitchen, you can create healthy packed lunches in large batches, and use delivery services to send them out to customers in your area.

Depending on your available working space, this is a highly scalable side-hustle - a great option for nutrition and cooking enthusiasts.

You can find customers on sites like and

63. Party Planning

If you find this task enjoyable, you could plan parties for friends and other clients. You'll grow your client base through networking and a solid media presence - and also get invited to a ton of parties!

64. Audiobook Narration

Got a good reading voice? Consider auditioning on services such as ACX - this will let you gain income for narrating text from a novel or other publication.

While you do need a quiet area to produce recordings, the initial investment is quite minimal - all you need is a decent microphone setup and time. Keep in mind that you will rarely be offered upfront payment, although royalties can lead to a good income stream over time.

65. Computer Tutoring

If you're good with computers, you'll want to use your skills to tutor other people for a fee. This can range from teaching older folks how to keep in touch over social media and use the internet, to teaching enthusiasts how to build and maintain a high-performance PC.

66. Wedding Photographer

This job can be stressful - a wedding doesn’t allow for mistakes - but pays extremely well. If you're talented, you could charge between $2500 and $10,000 for a single wedding event.

Consider advertising your services on

67. Sell Stuff on Craigslist Or Ebay

One of the surest means of making cash if you find yourself in a bind is to sell products on Craigslist or eBay. Any used stuff like household appliances, furniture, or collectibles can be sold online to generate some money.

If you’re serious about it, you could do this professionally for others and earn some commission for each sale. Just make sure you take excellent photos, write a solid listing, and you'll be good to go.

For more information, be sure to check out: Retail Arbitrage: An Easy Way to Earn Fast Money

68. Run Social Media for Small Businesses

Numerous small businesses require a social media manager and have neither the expertise nor time to post on social media platforms constantly. Take the initiative to reach out to local businesses and provide services for a contracted fee monthly.

You'll discover this side job is an easy way of making money regardless of your residential area.

69. Write an eBook

If you feel you're a gifted writer, you could easily take up this task from home and succeed at it. Platforms such as KDP can help you create and sell an ebook easily, and will cost you nothing to publish. Just make sure to get your work proofread and edited, if necessary.

70. Mystery Shopping

Companies of various kinds seek mystery shoppers. Their role involves purchasing in secret and sharing their experiences with the retailer. This can take place online or at a physical store.

If you perform a simple search on how to become a mystery shopper, you could probably locate numerous services that will help you. Alternatively, you could just contact companies directly to pitch your services.

71. Participate In Focus Groups

Marketing companies are constantly having focus groups that study a consumer's reaction to services, products, and advertisements across various mediums. You can easily do this from home and the best part is that you don't require any special training.

72. Garage Sale

You could have a garage sale if you're looking to generate some fast cash. If you're looking to eliminate excess clutter in your home and do so sustainably, this is a great solution.

Garage sales will work great if you have children with outgrown toys or just have a huge number of items that you want to discard. You could post some signs around your local neighborhood or advertise on Craigslist.

73. Develop YouTube Tutorials

While this method isn't the quickest means to generate cash as a side job, it can help you earn some decent money provided what you deliver is engaging and keeps the audience interested. If you’re skilled at anything niche, this can be a great way to reach out to others, showcase your skills, and help them become better too.

You could even use free tutorials to upsell viewers on services and products you might be providing, or use your skills to create tutorials for a company.

If you decide to pursue this, make sure to read our post titled: How to Make Money on YouTube.

74. Develop an App

If you have some skills in app development and you're an expert at Android-based development platforms or Swift, you could try developing a smartphone app. Although this isn't an easy or fast means of making money, it could pay off if you have the right idea.

There are thousands of great apps that have yet to be created, and building your own app is actually much easier than you might expect.

If this is something that interests you, be sure to read our blog post titled: How to Create and Develop your own App.

75. Delivery Services

Making deliveries is perhaps one of the easiest and most accessible side jobs. While it might not be lucrative, you could enjoy a steady income stream from delivering groceries, food, and supplies to customers.

You could easily pick and determine the working hours and do everything via an app on your phone. This means it's a straightforward means of making money. Making deliveries won't make you wealthy, but you could save money to launch your business and increase the amount of money you generate.

Consider finding work through Amazon Flex, or

76. Airbnb Hosting

Renting out an apartment or a room can help pay the bills and save you some money. The amount you’ll earn will depend on the apartment’s location and the kind of accommodation you’re offering. You could easily determine the rate of comparable places in your location and establish your rate from there.

Airbnb provides various protections and you could set your availability to maintain flexibility. If you have numerous properties, Airbnb can prove very lucrative as the scale economies kick in to boost your earnings. Remember, the place where you host Airbnb matters considerably; some cities have a higher earning potential compared to others.

77. Become a Seller on Amazon

Like eBay, Amazon enjoys a global audience. You can find virtually anything on Amazon, which is why the platform attracts countless people. This implies there’s a potential for repeat customers, thus lowering your acquisition cost.

If you lack space for stock storage, you could use Amazon FBA. Through this service, Amazon won’t just handle your stock but also handle returns and customer queries. This means you’ll have free time to concentrate on selling more.

To learn more about this very lucrative side hustle, be sure to read our 5-Step Guide for Selling Trending Products on Amazon.

78. Invent Something

This side hustle can be very lucrative though it isn't for everyone. To generate money with a new invention, you should create concepts that can undergo development affordably - perhaps a company might want to purchase it from you for mass production.

If you're the handy, creative type; and you've got a great solution to a common problem, you can make a ton of money by inventing a product and marketing it to the world.

To learn more about the invention process, be sure to read our blog post titled How to Invent Something New (and Market your Invention).

79. Personal Chef

If you enjoy cooking and are good at it, you could generate money as a personal chef. You can prepare meals at home and deliver them, or cook onsite for clients.

Look for clients on or

80. Dog Walking

This job has a few qualifications. Besides loving dogs, you must be relatively fit and dependable - dog owners will want to hire someone passionate and highly responsible with their furry companions.

Consider advertising on platforms such as and

81. Resume Writing

You could earn decent money from resume writing if you're good at it. Just advertise your services on a platform such as LinkedIn, Fiverr, and other expert sites - you’ll find plenty of writing-averse professionals looking for someone to do the job for them.

82. Driving Instructor

If you're an excellent driver with an outstanding record, consider getting a license as a driving instructor.

83. Laundry Service

Several people dislike the idea of doing laundry, so you could take this issue off their hands by providing a laundry service at a premium fee. Just make sure to handle different fabrics according to their specific needs - you don’t want to ruin a customer’s favorite outfit!

84. Pet Grooming

Pets need grooming as well. While some need haircuts, others need their ears cleaned and nails trimmed - many owners find this exhausting and will pay a premium to get it done elsewhere.

85. Purchase and Sell Domain Names

This concept isn't new, but numerous names still exist for sale.

If you have a knack for understanding website needs and company nomenclature, you can snag potentially profitable domains and sell them in the future for massive gains.

For more information, check out "How to make money flipping domain names."

86. Coffee Delivery

If you prepare coffee yourself in the morning, consider making it for others. You can use local delivery services to send high-quality coffee to co-workers and neighbors - even setting up subscription services at a discount.

87. Paid Tester

Visit an app or website and complete some tasks for payment - developers will expect you to find a list of flaws, errors, or bugs in their software in exchange for money.

88. Voice Overs

If people tell you that your voice is unique, you might consider becoming a voiceover artist and generate money from your home's comfort. Social media ads in particular can serve as a constant source of income in this case.

You'll need a good computer and a decent microphone in order to get started.

Consider advertising your services on platforms like Fiverr.

89. Business Consultant

If you've worked in the business field for a prolonged period, you can issue consulting services to other businesses. Good business owners value experienced advice, and you can help them grow without necessarily committing too much of your time.

90. Video Production

Beginning your video production business needs costly camera equipment, but if you’re talented and passionate, you could turn it into a full-scale business. Find local filmmakers, colleges, and businesses that need a video expert for their projects.

91. Refurbish Antiques

If you enjoy restoring antiques to their initial luster, this side gig will suit you. You can even document and post your before-after process online - gaining the interest of even more clientele.

92. Yardwork

While this is more seasonal, several businesses and homeowners get swamped with yard work during fall and winter. Consider advertising your services - you can even ask them to spread the word to their associates, helping you get more income.

Consider advertising your services on,, and

93. Knife Sharpening

Every kitchen is a prospective repeat customer. You could earn between $30 and $60 hourly sharpening knives - just make sure that you are knowledgeable about the tools and know-how to market yourself to restaurants and home cooks.

94. Carpet Cleaning

The side hustle is comparatively simple and low-cost to launch. You’ll need cleaning supplies as an initial investment and can then begin building a group of loyal customers - regularly coming in to service their carpets.

Consider advertising your services on and

95. Customer Service

Some companies are currently hiring part-time customer representatives to work remotely and handle live chat and incoming phone calls.

96. Niche Newsletter

You can help readers by sourcing the best article on your chosen topic on a weekly or daily basis.

97. Home Inspection

Although certification is necessary, the side hustle is viable because you can schedule inspections at your convenience.

98. Human Billboard

If you are okay with people seeing you publicly, various businesses seek people without jobs to help draw in customers to their brick-and-mortar stores.

99. Junk Hauling

This side hustle is particularly feasible if your business can access a huge van or truck.

Consider advertising your services on and

100. Flyer Distribution

You can provide flyers for distribution to clients.

101. TV/Movie Extra

You have a better chance at securing this job if you reside in New York or L.A. - film sets usually need several extras to show up for larger shots - this can be a way for you to make valuable contacts in the casting business if you’re interested in acting.

Mistakes to Avoid when Side Hustling

Doing Too Many Things At Once

At times, people desperately want to change their financial circumstances and engage in numerous side hustles at a go. In most instances, that won’t work. You want to avoid the temptation of doing too many side hustles at the same time because you’ll end up spreading yourself too thin.

Furthermore, you won’t make much money trying to do four side gigs, as you would if you concentrated on optimizing two of them.

Money Mismanagement

There’s a high likelihood that most of your income originates from your major gig. Typically, most day jobs help people meet their financial responsibilities. For instance, most companies will deduct taxes from all paychecks, so you don’t need to track them.

However, if the side hustle entails any form of freelancing, you could easily overestimate the amount you’re generating based on the check size you obtain. If you aren’t careful, you could end up facing severe penalties during tax season.

Lack of Prioritization

It’s important to prioritize when dealing with a side hustle. Your core gig must come first, so make sure your side gig doesn’t jeopardize your major employment source.

Insufficient Research

Most successful entrepreneurs claim that they succeeded through trial and error. Naturally, this is how you discover what works and what doesn’t when trying to generate side income. However, it doesn’t imply that you should begin something blindly as soon as you get an idea.

Do research even if your idea is simple. Ensure you examine the competition, target markets, and determine what you could do differently.

Investing Excess Money Upfront

Although your side hustle can potentially yield considerable money, you want to avoid excess investing at the beginning. It’s okay to invest in yourself and believe that you can attain results from your side gig. However, you want to make sure it’s profitable first.

The last thing you want to do is to borrow money or invest all your savings in a side gig that ends up not being as profitable as you had expected.

Nonetheless, some upfront expenses are inevitable when you start; and this is normal. However, if you lack prior experience and are learning on the go, it would be wise to not spend too much money on your side gig at the beginning.

Mimicking Others

Numerous videos exist on social platforms showing how people succeeded in a side hustle, prompting you to follow suit. While some stories are legitimate, it doesn’t imply that following the same path will yield similar results.

To succeed in your side hustle, you want to choose something that you generally find interesting. Perhaps it’s something you’re skilled in or enjoy doing. If you choose something simply because somebody else succeeded in that area, it’s unlikely that you’ll follow through well if it isn’t your passion.

Remember, there’s no guarantee that something will work for you just because it worked for someone else. You can seek guidance from others or perhaps study what they did right, but develop your strategy.

The Failure to Separate Your Side Hustle and Personal Finances

Whether your side hustle involves generating money online or providing a service, you want to separate your business and personal finances. Even if you’re the sole member of your side gig, you want to maintain these areas separate for tax and accounting purposes.

For a proper setup, you’ll need a simple business checking account from which you’ll divert any side hustle income. Furthermore, you could cover side hustle expenses using your business checking account, not the personal one.

Poor Time Management

While a side hustle offers various benefits, you must ensure you manage your time well. After all, you’ll have less free time while juggling your full time job and a side hustle. Most significantly, you should set aside time to spend with family and friends.

You should also be more efficient with your time. For instance, if you’re accustomed to doing grocery shopping over the weekend, you could do it from work instead to free up some time over the weekend for loved ones.

Allowing the Side Hustle to Take Over

At times, a side hustle can be more thrilling than your ordinary day job. In such a case, you’re likely to focus more on the side hustle at the expense of your main job; which actually pays the bills.

Obviously, ignoring your primary job could have major repercussions.

If you show up unprepared or looking tired, your boss might become concerned and while most employers will ignore the occasional off day, repeated instances will cast you as being unreliable. Consequently, this could cost you raises, promotions, or your job.

If you prefer your side hustle over your ordinary job, it might be time to perform an honest assessment of your profession. If you find yourself overdoing the side hustle for money purposes, it’s important to keep things in check to prevent jeopardizing your major income source.