12 Legit Money Making Apps

Updated: Nov 11

The 12 Best Money Making Apps

1. Field Agent

2. Gigwalk

3. iPoll

4. EasyShift

5. Surveys On The Go

6. Shiftgig

7. WAGE: Find Odd Jobs

8. MeThinks: Money for Thoughts

9. Mindswarms

10. Influence by Voxpopme

11. Swagbucks

12. Fluid Market

Are apps that can Make you money too good to be true?

Yes and no. While there are some bogus apps that promise lottery-level earnings for questionable services, there are also legitimate apps that can earn you real money by using - and you should download these legit apps ASAP. These apps range from market research apps (meaning you’ll be answering polls and quick surveys) to photography apps, and even apps that pay you for playing games or participating in online forums.

To see a full list of our favorite legit money-making apps, just keep reading.

The real question is: ‘Can you spare enough time to actually use the app?’

In this article, we’ll help you identify trustworthy apps that can help you earn honest money, and we’ll let you know what to look out for so that you’ll know what to avoid. As a general rule of thumb, legitimate apps won’t promise you loads of cash, but you’ll earn enough extra money to pay for your phone bill or to add to your shopping money.

Extra savings are always exciting, right?

Most of them don’t require too much effort either, just engagement from you - perhaps during your lunch break or daily commute. That being said, it’s always nice to have an extra source of income, especially these days. Indeed, every dollar counts.

Apps That Will Help You Earn Money

1. Field Agent

Field Agent pays you for doing tasks such as mystery shopping, market research, digital product demos, and performing audits at retail stores within a specified amount of time.

The app is free and is owned by a company that specializes in data collection and digital marketing services. They work with brands who want actual consumer information and insight, and through mobile research, they are able to provide this information from recorded photos, videos, and reviews done by the app’s users.

Upon downloading, users may be asked to complete a series of quick tasks as part of training. Jobs can then be customized according to location, so you have the choice to work on nearby jobs or further ones.

There are location options to assist you with your job search, such as 'Closest Jobs,' 'Near Me,' or 'Zip Code.' You can also choose by distance which varies from 3 Miles, 10 Miles, or 30 Miles from your location.

The jobs may fall under the following categories:

  • In-Store Surveys: Jobs that must be completed inside specific stores

  • Audits: Jobs that require on-site visits to inspect products and/or services.

  • Client Experience: Various jobs such as traveling to retailers and reviewing products/ store display or the retail experience itself

  • Transcription: Jobs that require you to transcribe Universal Product Code (UPC) barcodes from various products which you may purchase or may already have in your pantry

  • Bonuses: Bonus pays may be given upon job completion and meeting of certain extra specifications

Average Rates: $3 to $15 per job

Payment Schedule: Immediately upon completion of each job

Modes of Payment: Direct deposit, checking account, prepaid debit card, or savings account

App Fee: Free

Effort Required: Minimal. Jobs usually range from a few mins. to 30 mins. maximum

Ratings & Reviews: Most common feedback: App is easy to use and tasks are easy to accomplish

2. Gigwalk

Gigwalk pays you to perform 'gigs,' or short jobs and other small tasks near your location. They typically partner with retail stores that are in need of brand audits and customer feedback on products and in-store displays. The app is free to download, and you’ll only need to register with your e-mail address and answer a few questions.

Consistent with its name, Gigwalk allows you to choose which gigs best suit you according to your schedule, location, and skills. It’s up to you if you want to get jobs within your hometown or if you’re willing to go on a drive.

A lot of the gigs are for retail brands which need users to check their store displays and products on-shelf. They ask users to verify product pricing, stock availability, as well as overall store conditions.

They may also ask you to check whether their marketing campaigns are done on time and executed correctly. In this case, you’ll have to take photos of the products highlighted, store display, and other special sections which may be part of their marketing event.

Again, most of the gigs are from big retailers, so Gigwalk would be perfect for you if you live in a city where stores are accessible and won’t take much of your time.

Average Rates: $3 to $100 per job, depending on the number of gigs you accept

Payment Schedule: Within 24-36 hours of each job